Last week Team Wiwi dished about the possibility of One Direction, JLS or Girls Aloud competing at Eurovision 2013 on behalf of the U.K. But we left one potential candidate off our list. To right that wrong it’s time to present Miss Angie Brown.

As you may already know, Angie had global chart success with her track, “I’m Gonna Get You” back in 1992. Other popular numbers include ‘Took My Love”, “Rocking For Myself”, “Playing With Knives”, and “Sing”—her dance collaboration with the Soul Avengerz.

WiwiBloggs.Com’s Deban Aderemi caught up with Angie over the summer and asked her straight up if she had been approached by the BBC. Here’s what she had to say. It’s unclear if she is playing coy, or if the rumour is just a rumour.

Angie’s “I’m Gonna Get You” is revered as a dance classic, and has taken her all over the world. She regularly recreates the vibe of the 90’s at various nightclubs and festivals with this scintillating track.

A classically trained singer, she is huge on the gay scene and has headlined many Pride festivals from Manchester to Gran Canaria. Besides performing live on a regular basis, she has also made several appearances on  TV shows including ‘Good Morning’, ‘GMTV’, ‘The Lottery’, ‘Top of the Pops’, and ‘Never Mind the Buzzcocks’. From Russia to China to Europe to the US, music lovers love Angie.

“Open Up”, her latest single with the Glassesboys, dropped in September. She watches Eurovision, and could well bring it back to the U.K. if given the chance.

Glassesboys ft. Angie Brown with “Open Up”:

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10 years ago

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