On Anton Ewald’s Facebook page, he describes himself as a talented “choreographer and dancer.”  That’s easy enough to believe. He was part of the dance ensembles that supported Melodifestivalen contestants Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo. But as Wiwi reported yesterday, Anton hopes to add the word “singer” to his personal resume, so much so that’s he’s entered Melodifestivalen 2013.

I’m real cute, y’all

That’s right, people. He’s taking a note from cross-over artist Jennifer Lopez and will be throwing down in the second semi-final on February 9 in Gothenburg. He’ll be singing a number called “Begging” by Melodifestivalen composer extraordinaire Fredrik Kempe. Surely that bodes well for Anton. Fredrik is the man behind Charlotte Perrelli’s “Hero”, Malena Ernman’s “La Voix”, and Eric Saade’s “Popular”.

Universal Music Sweden is pushing Anton hard. They uploaded a video of him singing on November 19, timed with the announcement that he would be competing at Melodifestivalen. Clearly they want us to know he’s more than just a dancer. Here he is covering “Somebody to Love.”

Surely his connections to MF winner Eric Saade and perennial runner-up Danny Saucedo will help him get some votes from the teeny bopper set. He’ll make the most of photos like these.

Move over, Eric. There’s a new singer in town…

You can follow him on Instagram by clicking here. You can stalk him on Twitter by clicking here. And you can have him pop up in your Facebook NewsFeed by clicking here. If you do y’ll be privy to photos like this one which we grabbed of Twitter.

When y’all go on YouTube to re-watch Anton performing alongside Danny and Eric at MF, be sure to check out his solo dance videos. Here is one which shows off his hip-hop moves. This man can shake!

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Scott Ramsay
Scott Ramsay
11 years ago

Move over Anton…Army are lovers are back… YAY!!!!!!

11 years ago

Whow i’m impressed. He can move, sing, play guitar, he’s 100% eurovision compatible.

For example Danny saucedo can move, play piano but can’t sing.
Chiara Syracusa can sing, but moves like a big sea turtle.

My new hero Anton Ewald must have latent defect too…

Bogdan Honciuc
11 years ago

I have to admit that, before I clicked on the video, I thought he was just another pretty face without an actual voice. Turns out he’s a better singer than Eric Saade and Danny Saucedo, judging by that cover alone, and he’s particularly handsome as well. Deadly combo! Now all he needs is a killing song. Hopefully, if he wins the contest, he’ll finally bring back Eurovision to Stockholm instead of Malmö? 🙂