Last night Malta staged the semi-final of its national selection, and voters eliminated eight contestants. Tonight the final 16 contestants will sing live and Malta will decide who will represent the country at ESC 2013. Fernando Mercieca, a contributor in Malta, asked Eurovision fans to give us their top five favourite songs and to explain why they deserve to win. Here’s what they told him.

Darren Moynihan, Ireland

My top 5 favourite songs are:

“Love o HOLIC” by Deborah C. She looks very confident. It’s a catchy song, and very modern.

“Fall like Rome”. Once again I like the music. It begins with a strong march, almost like a cinematic score.

“Tides of illusion” has great musical accompaniment and strong vocals. Great funky look—could create a brilliant dance routine. It’s a pity that this song didn’t make it to the final.

“Tomorrow I Love”: The simplicity and homely feel of this song reminds me of Iceland’s’Coming Home’ from 2011. It’s also a song I feel I could sing.

Desiree Van de Valde, Netherlands

My top 5 for tonight are Dorothy Bezzina (Starting from the end), Chris Grech (Never walk away), Gianluca (Tomorrow), Deborah C (Love-o-holic) and Dominique (Too little too late).

Martin Campbell, UK

I am quite suprised by the lackluster quality this year, and I didn’t like the lengthy show from last night! But if I have to pick, my top 5 entires for this year are:

“Betrayed” by Davina. Her performance reminded me of James Bond or Men in Black! I like the song. It has something different from the other songs.

“Ultravoilet” by Jessica. I really like her dress and her dance song

“Never walk away” by Chris Grech. It’s the best song of the show. Good singer and strong performance with a different message.

“Tomorrow” – Gianluca has quite a catchy song and a very nice stage presence.

“When it’s time” by Claudia. Although she is dressed like a cabin crew member I really like the performance and song.

Author’s Choice

I believe that this year competition will be very tough to decide the winner. In no particular order these are my top 5.

“Tomorrow”: Since the first time I heard this song I fell in love with it. Its simple but the tune is very catchy.

“Needing you” is the typical Eurovision ballad. Wonderful voice, wonderful lyrics.

“When it’s time”: I really like the arrangement

“Never Walk Away” has very strong vocals with a different message from much of the other songs.

My last in the list is “Fall like Rome.” Once again I really like the vocals and the lyrics of the song.

The Finalists

Davinia – Betrayed
Deborah C – Love-O-Holic
Chris Grech – Never walk away
Gianni Zammit – Us against the world
Janice Debattista – Perfect day
Jessika – Ultraviolet
Domenique – Too little too late
Dorothy Bezzina – Starting from the end
Petra & Richard – Wonderful today
Gianluca Bezzina – Tomorrow
Richard Edwards – Fall like Rome
Kevin Borg – Needing you
Scar – Superstar
Corazon – My stranger love
Claudia Faniello – When it’s time
Amber – In control

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8 years ago

my Predictions

Norway GERMANY or England will win the eurovision 2013

Malta will be placed among the first 10