Scientists spent hundreds of years defining gravity, so it’s only natural that Zlata Ognevich has spent some time re-thinking her entry “Gravity”  for ESC 2013.

Mykhailo Nekrasov, Zlata’s producer, posted a series of poll questions on this Facebook page, hoping that the public would have opinions as strong as Gaitana’s sports bra. Between 500 and 1,000 people responded to each poll. According to a statement sent to wiwibloggs, that resulted in “a new intro and final movement”. Producers also adjusted the tempo, changed the backing vocals and added one more chorus. You can see all of the poll questions and the results at the end of this post.

Elsewhere, Zlata Ognevitch has also turned to the people for inspiration. She appealed to them on TV to send her creative team ideas for the music video. They received a total of 600 letters.

“We were incredibly pleased to get so many letters, comments and feedback,” she said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “They showed one more time how talented and open for creativity Ukraine is. Such energy exceeded our expectations.”

We’re thrilled that Ukraine is embracing democracy. Now can we talk about Yulia Tymoshenko and that prison sentence….

The original version of ‘Gravity’ as performed at the national selection:

Question 1:

The song contains two choruses. Would you like us to add the third one?

a) No. Keep it the way it is. 39.6%
b) Yes. Just add one more chorus. 15.7%
c) Yes. Add one more chorus but make it differ from the others. I would really like it to have some development. 44.6%

Question 2:

The main tempo of the song (apart from the first verse) = 85 beats per minute.

a) Perfect tempo. Let it be this way. 40.1%
b) Perfect tempo. You may fasten it a little in the end only 23.2%
c) I wish that you fastened it a little (at least up to 87-88BPM) 24.5%
d) I wish that you fastened it considerably (up to 95-100BPM) 12.1%

Question 3:

The last phrase of the chorus sang by back-vocalists, “You’ll never, you never break free from gravity”

a) I like it. 40.7%
b) I like the meaning of it, but the melody slows down the movement too much. 14.1%
c) I don’t like the meaning but I like the melody. 5.5%
d) Why is the phrase only sung by back-vocalists? I would like to hear Zlata in the end of the
chorus! Make something out so that Zlata would also sing there! 39.8%

Question 4:

Gravity song intro for the performance in Malmö

a) Let it be this way! 31.5%
b) Something powerful and explosive, and fantastic at the same time should be done so that after the “storm” the attention is drawn to the appearance of Zlata in the first verse of Gravity. 68.5%

Question 5:

The final [ending] of the song Gravity…

a) I like the way it is now 34.8%
b) I don’t like that the last «Gra-vi-ty» in the song is too quiet. It should be sung louder and higher. 24.2%
c) I think something more intensive should be done. Just a point of two powerful notes. 18.3%
d) I think something more intensive should be done. Just a point of one powerful note. 15.8%
e) I disagree with every suggested option and will express my thoughts below the poll. 6.7%

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John Browdy
John Browdy
8 years ago

J’adore this song and singer too

8 years ago

i never liked this song… hopefully the changes will make me change my opinion. i used to hate gaitana’s and mika’s songs too but during eurovision all of a sudden, they both sounds so nice! great staging too.

8 years ago

The highest vote for question 5 is (a), you have highlighted (b).

They chose good questions that ordinary listeners can have opinions about, and I agree broadly with their conclusions.
The original has started to look like a rough draft compared to some more recent qualifiers, so it’s good to know they’re working to remain competitive.

John Browdy
John Browdy
8 years ago

it is my fv song….. I think it can be better than it is. Amazing song

8 years ago

I just hopes the changes they’re about to make are worth it!

8 years ago

well i hope it turns out into something better…cuz i liked it already as it was! top 2 so far, with Glorious