Stop voting! wiwibloggs readers have cast their ballots and we now have six clear favourites to advance from tonight’s first semi-final in the Selectia Nationala.

With 22.53% of the votes, vocal powerhouse Diana Hetea is expected to fly straight to the 9 March final with her sweeping ballad “I Believe in Love”. She is followed by boyband Station 4 (“Your Heart Is Telling Me So”), 2012 Selectia Nationala finalists Electric Fence (“Emilia”), Eurovision veteran Luminita Anghel (“Unique”), newcomer Tammy (“Firebird”) and Moldovan Natalia Barbu (“Confession”).

Sing it, Diana!

We will see if the Romanian televoters – and jury – agree with you guys. The latest (bad) news is that TVR has been hit by what looks like a flu epidemic, which has affected almost every singer involved, including Paula Seling, one of the “Romanian Abba” hosts. Hopefully, by the time the first semi-final airs (20:00 CET) on TVR1 and on the five (!) cameras available on, everyone will be in top form and the highly anticipated and never disappointing Romanian Selectia Nationala will deliver big time.

Until then, here is Diana Hetea, your favourite, with her ballad “I Believe in Love”, written by Jonas Gladnikoff, Johnny Sanchez, Sara Ljunggren, Anders Köllerfors and Michael James Down. Good luck to all contestants tonight! Noroc!

PS: Don’t forget that you can still pick your favourite from the Semi-Final 2 until Sunday morning by clicking here.

Poll Results

1. Diana Hetea – “I Believe in love” 73 votes, 22.53%
2. Station 4 – “Your heart is telling me so” 49 15.12%
3. Electric Fence – “Emilia” 40 12.35%
4. Luminita Anghel – “Unique” 36 11.11%
5. Tammy -“Firebird” 31 9.57%
6. Natalia Barbu – “Confession” 25 7.72%

7. Anthony – “Dream girl” 16 4.94%
8. Liviu Mititelu – “La donna di Nero” 13 4.01%
9. Cezar – “It’s my life” 11 3.4%
9. Tudor Turcu – “Hello” 11 3.4%
11. Brigitta & Mihai (feat TIPS) – “One heart” 6 1.85%
11. Free Stay – “Criminal mind” 6 1.85%
13. Spin & Cezar Dometi – “Silver lining” 3 0.93%
14. Maximilian Munteanu – “Broken heart” 2 0.62%
15. Casa Presei – “Un refren” 1 0.31%
15. Edict – “Buddy Buddy” 1 0.31%


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9 years ago

Serbia’s cheering for Natalia Barbu.

9 years ago

I wasted my time watching the semifinal on internet (hope on TV the sound was better) and I definitely don’t like the results. Just a bit Criminal Mind. The rest are NO for me including Luminita Anghel’s song…I’ll skip the 2nd semifinal…

9 years ago

I think that the ones who deserve to go to the final are Tammy, Anthony, Natalia Barbu, Diana Hetea, Electric Fence and Station 4/(or)Mihai&Brigitta. Though I think that Diana Hetea is overrated because the song is mainly boring and her live performance at the preselection wasn’t that good. Plus, the idea of “I believe in love” is sooo used and dated. I like Natalia’s voice very much and I like her delicacy too; the song is 50/50 but definitely better than Diana Hetea’s. But my overall favorite is Tammy with her good voice and good song. I think it’s the… Read more »

9 years ago

An objective poll shows us that quality music is addressed to the soul and more and more people are bound to the real gifted,talented artists.Diana is a revelation for her generation and not only ,who are getting used to listen to singers who have voice ,technique who can sing LIVE.I am glad that other people see the things like me .I am happy that artists with such voices had been born.Congratulations,Diana for your performance!
Bravo Diana,Bravo,Romania!!