Ryan Dolan—Ireland’s Eurovision contestant—has some of the biggest biceps at Eurovision this year. We can now confirm that he’ll be wrapping said guns in Gucci when he takes the stage for his semi-final on May 14.

Ryan broke the news earlier today in a live chat with William from wiwibloggs and Victor from Eurovision.tv. We hope he doesn’t wear his new threads on the street, because Malmö’s crime rate is among the highest in Sweden. Anyway, he also said that he’s too busy for a relationship at the moment, though he didn’t rule out a chance encounter in Malmö. (There’s a pot of gold and a pregnancy test at the end of the rainbow). Ryan also said that his two favourite entries this year come from Russia’s Dina Garipova and Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg. Apparently Ryan isn’t lactose intolerant because he loves the cheese! You can watch our full interview below.

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