Deban: Takasa’s backstage rehearsal has a celestial feel. Their wardrobe is inoffensive, and serves as a stage uniform. Although this element slightly borders on the foundations of occultism, Takasa pull it off. The LED is somewhat confusing. What’s all that shattered glass effect meant to symbolise? Still, despite the odds, the audience is left with hymm that is rousing, and a performance that’s memorable.

Wiwi: The Swiss are pulling a Buranovskiye Babushki and using someone seriously old to charm the audience and grab their votes. It’s a good strategy, as my eyes dart between him and the attractive blonde hunk at centre stage. The song, while not my normal cup of tea, has an anthemic quality that gets stuck in your head. They’re right to keep the focus on the music itself: The backdrop is simple and avoids anything too flashy. We think it may be a pattern of tree bark or denim, though we can’t tell. Either way it’s just background. This act is all about the chorus.

Photo: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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11 years ago

This is not looking good. One of the better songs this year is being brought down by poor, lazy staging. It worked for Iceland 2011 for the singers to stand still, and in a line, with some minor interaction because it fit in with the song, this doesn’t fit in at all. I really, really hope they surprise on the night.