Rosa—the singer who achieved seventh place at Eurovision for Spain in 2002—helped select ESDM to represent Spain in 2013. Ahead of Malmö she advised the band to sing from the heart and to focus on delivering emotion. But not even she believed that her good advice would raise the possibility of Spain winning the contest.

We were having a Rosa moment today and re-visted an interview Rosa gave back in March. Rosa let loose on everything from Spain’s chances of winning to Soraya’s poor finish. Here she is being pessimistic about ESDM’s chances.

After seeing Pastora’s performance not win, I really don’t think that the style, the sound, or the voice matter…so I think the artists must go there to do a good job, enjoy it and give a good performance in front of the public. It’s the only great thing that they are going to take from this.

It must be remembered that within Spain Rosa was considered a favorite to win the 2002 edition of the contest due to her powerful voice. Eurovision 2002 became the most-watched non-sporting event in the history of TV in Spain with 13 million viewers.

“Rosa de España” (Rosa of Spain) also talked about the voting and the results of her country.

How can it be that we achieve a better result with Chikilicuatre than with Soraya? When you see all this, well, illusion moves you (the country) to participate again and again like in a game but finally you realize that it’s like trying to search for luck again and again.

Rosa was also asked about participating again in the competition.

If the occasion arises, well, you need the vote of the people and sometimes of other persons; and there’s a point that you want to do it because you see that it’s something really important, but you have to think it due to a lot of things. At this moment, following my heart I would say ‘yes’, even without think it nor know the song.

Rosa participates frequently in TVE shows and after her 2002 adventure in Tallin was selected to represent Spain in Eurovision Dance Contest 2009. Spain ultimately didn’t participate due to scheduling problems, so it would be possible for her to come back again for the Eurovision. She has experience and is realistic about the contest.

Sergi Ibor contributed this report from Spain. Follow him on Twitter at @SergiIbor and visit his blog Memorias de un eurofan. Then keep up with the latest Eurovision news by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: Rosa Lopez