Gor Sujyan isn’t the only Eurovision 2013 contestant who has gotten married recently. Having a wedding in the summer is proving to be an absolute hit with our EuroStars, and for good reason: Summer is the perfect time to celebrate freedom, love and a masculine body.

Marko Skugor, the first tenor of this year’s Klapa s Mora, married his longtime girlfriend Ivana on 9 August. The wedding was held in the Church of St. Jakov in Sibenik. The afterparty lasted long into the night and Marko said that he hasn’t seen people having that much fun in a long time. He may have sung “Misery” at Eurovision, but it’s all joy now!

Klapa Kampanel, Marko’s former music group, performed during the ceremony.

The couple is expecting their first child — a son named Andrija — to come into the world right around Christmas. You could say Santa is rewarding Marko for behaving all year. Or you could say he was misbehaving by marrying Miss Radovic after she was pregnant! “This is it!” Marko said at the wedding. “I love her more than myself. I feel like I could fly.” 

Marko and Ivana do their best to channel James Dean and Audrey Hepburn

Marko has had a busy summer. He performed at the Splitski festival in colaboration with Klapa Vincace. They didn’t make the final but the song is already a hit in Dalmatia. The song they performed was one of the songs they offered to HRT for Eurovision 2013. It was rejected, but Marko refused to throw it in the trash heap. Nice job Marko! Is it me or did HRT make a big mistake by rejecting this in favor of “Misery”? What do you think?

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Photo: Marko Skugor

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David Thielen
10 years ago

@Emily – If her boyfriend did not get the hint then he’s the biggest idiot in Europe.

10 years ago

Hmm, wonder if Krista’s boyfriend actually took the hint and proposed.

10 years ago

David Thielen, ahahahah!!! so true !!!! Congratulations !!!!!

David Thielen
10 years ago

Apparently Krista’s song influenced a lot of couples 🙂