Mylène and Rosanne—twin sisters from Badhoevedorp—will  represent The Netherlands at Junior Eurovision 2013. They won Holland’s Junior Songfestival with their upbeat number “Double Me”.

“Our song is about how as twins we are the same but at the same time we are quite different,” one of the unidentifiable sisters said ahead of the show. To add to the confusion, the girls recruited four back-up dancers and they all dressed up as cheerleaders. It’s a party, y’all.

The Netherlands staged an elaborate selection process to choose their artist this year. It consisted of two semi-finals and a wild card round, and each segment included a televote, jury vote, and kids’ jury vote. Here was tonight’s running order along with the point totals.

  1. Loeki – Gewoon In Love (First semi final and  Final) 22 points 
  2. Kim – Ik Ben Verliefd (Second semi final and Final) 31 points 
  3. Sarah & Julia – Live Life (First semi final and Final) 29 points
  4. Mathilde – Wondergirl (First semi final and Final with Wildcard) 23 points 
  5. Mylène & Rosanne – Double Me (Second semi final and Final) 33 points

And here is how Mylène and Rosanne reacted as the points rolled in. #adorable.

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Loosine Zadoorian contributed this report from Iran. You can keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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9 years ago

I already have this song stuck in my head.