Our countdown of the 2013 musical highlights from Eurovision artists continues. And today we break into the top 20. But before you plough into the list below, are you up to speed with numbers 25 to 21? If not why not? Go catch up here. Don’t worry, we’ll wait for you.

On the other hand if y’all have been good guys and gals, and already taken your daily prescription of wiwibloggs, please proceed.

20. “Goodbye” – Alborosie feat. Nina Zilli

What we said: Nina is back. And with a new sound to boot. Gone is the Amy Winehouse lite styling of her Eurovision effort “L’Amore è Femmina”, and in it’s place is something altogether more upbeat. To assist her, Nina has teamed up with reggae artist Alborosie and together they have created what has to be one of the most catchiest and seemingly carefree songs of the summer. (Padraig)

19. “Pieces” – Robin Stjernberg

What we said: [Robin] gets the ballad bang on in [the album’s] title track “Pieces” too. This is a lot softer and the falsetto is haunting. It’s also something of a post-Eurovision anthem, about how he didn’t do that well, and he’s going to do fabulous post-contest. (Angus)

18. “O Simpla Melodie” – Elena Gheorghe

What we said: The single, which is supposedly tailored for the coming holidays, does not exactly sound like a Christmas song, but it’s a wonderful gift for her 1 million fans on Facebook. Elena’s flawless voice is highlighted beautifully and the video compliments the track. Gurl looks stunning indeed! (Bogdan)

17. “Ponane Oi Agapes” – Ivi Adamou

What we said: Ivi ain’t all about one hit wonders, y’all. Girl has been busy as of late promoting herself like no other, and she is now about to release her 4th album, which will feature her hit new single “Ponane Oi Agapes”…which according to Google translate means “painful affections”. Now, I love this girl. Trust me, I really do. But while her career may go far long-term, this song doesn’t go the distance for me. It’s pretty damn flat, and I prefer mountainous drama like Pastora Soler can deliver. (Vebooboo)

16. “Loved Me Back to Life” – Celine Dion

What we said: In [her X Factor performance], you’ll notice a massive flaming heart. This represents our love for Celine. You’ll also notice that Celine has adopted a raspier tone. The familiar tone and clarity from “My Heart Will Go On” isn’t absent. It’s just that Celine is closer to the microphone and is going for a slightly grittier sound. (Wiwi)

So, what do y’all make of our list so far? Are you outraged that Ivi made the top 20 ahead of Emmelie? Are you baffled that Celine isn’t in the top 10? Or do you agree with us 100%? As usual, thoughts below.

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Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Cover Photo: Wikimedia Commons

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8 years ago

For those in the U.S.A. Here is “Pieces” – Robin Stjernberg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvZD5mpZOAo