Let’s be clear: No one is asserting that Farid had anything to do with this

Farid Mammadov, who won first place in our 2013 search for Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model, has released a new single entitled “Her an yanimda.” That means “Every Moment With Me” in English. We imagine that every moment with Farid is a delight. As we know from our video interview with him, he’s a gentleman with a good sense of humor.

We have no idea what he’s saying, but we think Azeri is a beautiful language. (This was also apparent at Junior Eurovision with Rutsem Karimov’s adorable song “Me and My Guitar”). The song lacks the drama and dynamism of “Hold Me”, but perhaps Farid is just mixing things up. He’s gotta keep y’all on your toes!

Photo: Eurovision.tv (EBU)

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10 years ago

That snapshot taken during the performance of “Hold Me” = Eurovision in a nutshell.

10 years ago

OMG what happen? far away from Hold me. Not good!