As we look forward to the second casting of Belgium Eurosong on 9 February, we’ve got one question on our mind: Who are the four masked artists in the group “Day One”?

VRT has released a preview of the 15 candidates that we will see in the second casting this Sunday. One of the contestants is a group called “Day One”: four (wo)men wearing masks and wishing to remain anonymous. Here’s how VRT describes them:

Day One is a collective of four musicians who wish to continue being anonymous. They guarantee a fresh drum & bass style. The quartet is hiding behind masks because they come from other projects and directions and are happy to be assessed from a neutral point of view.

During the show they will perform a cover version of ‘Satellite’ (Lena, 2010).

Who are the four people behind the masks? Are they people famous in other spheres? Perhaps Jean-Claude Van Damme is trying to become a music star? Maybe Justin Henin left tennis to join this group? And isn’t it going to be difficult to sing through a balaclava?

Ladies and gentlemen: please speculate and comment below.

UPDATE: Belgian newspapers claim they know the identity of at least one of the singers!

Daphne Dee contributed this report from Belgium. Follow her on Twitter @JacinthaD1. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page

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did anyone find out the members of Day One at the second Belgian selection over the weekend?


Woooo hooo can’t wait :)! Quite intriguing the guys or gals in masks.