When Emmelie de Forest reprises “Only Teardrops” in Copenhagen this May, she won’t be singing alone. That’s because DR plans to create a virtual Eurovision choir featuring some of Emmelie’s most devoted fans. That’s all of you! But there’s more. Those of you who know how to dance—or at least have fun trying—will have the chance to strut your stuff in front of millions in another segment. DR will find its “talent” through the #MyEurovisionSong and #MyEurovisionDance contests. All of the action kicked off this morning at 9:00 CET on JoinUs.dk. Before you log on let’s go over the basics. If you want to be a diva, you need to be prepared…


If you love karaoke and Emmelie de Forest, then this is for you. DR wants to create a virtual choir for the first semi-final, which takes place on May 6.

“One of our big ambitions and one of the central themes of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is that we are closer to each other,” Head of Show Jan Lagermand Lundme told DR. “Therefore, we reach out to every one who wants to form choir or dance in the show, saying, ‘Come and join us.'”

Can you remember that?

1. Make sure your computer is connected to a web cam. You cannot use a tablet or smartphone for #MyEurovisionSong.

2. Go to JoinUs.dk.

3. Press ‘record’ and follow the instructions. Be sure to click through all of it.

4. Record yourself singing.

5. Keep your fingers crossed you’re chosen to be a star!



So you think you can dance? With #MyEurovisionDance, producers hope to find fans who know how to werk it on the dance floor. They’ll select the cream of the crop to perform on stage during the second semi-final on May 8.

You don’t have to be a prima ballerina or a former contestant on Dancing with the Stars. Lundme says being crazy, wacky and original is more important than having memorized choreography. All shapes and sizes are welcome. “I hope that there will be some who have not only learned some steps, but also those bringing something really quirky,” he told DR. “In general, I hope that all sorts of people will help—tall, short, fat, thin and of all ages. Everyone must be involved, because we want to show that despite the fact we are so different in Europe, we can make something beautiful together.”

So let’s review.

1. Go to JoinUs.dk on your mobile or tablet. You cannot use your computer for #MyEurovisionDance.

2. Stretch. We don’t want you to pull any muscles.

3. Record your coolest dance move for about 15 seconds. Make sure your phone is turned sideways. DR needs a big horizontal picture to use the footage in a TV show!

3. Keep your fingers crossed that you’ll be dancing in B&W Hallerne soon!



So what do you think? Are you going to be submitting videos of yourself? Are you excited that DR is incorporating fans into the shows? Does the #JoinUs theme make more sense to you now? Let us know in the comments box below!

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Photos and illustrations: Courtesy of DR

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Jaco Van Staden
10 years ago

Hi there

Attached you will find my cover of Only Teardrops in Afrikaans.
I was contacted by Roy van der Merwe of OGAE Rest of the World : Eurovision South Africa suggesting that I write Afrikaans lyrics and record Eurovision 2013 winning song as my voice is perfect for it. The recording will be going with him to Denmark

10 years ago

I choose to dance for this 😀

10 years ago

haha. i’m not sure i want to see some of the eurovision fans i know dancing on stage!!

raquel not welch
raquel not welch
10 years ago

The #JoinUs theme does make more sense now! 🙂