Doris Dragovic, Croatian representative at Eurovision 1999, hasn’t sung in Serbia for nearly 20 years. Despite Croatia and Serbia’s not-so-neighborly relationship, she has the guts to do not only one, but two concerts in Belgrade. Her move, somehow expected, has divided the Serbian and Croatian public.

Her first comeback concert was held on the Valentine’s Day. (Read the symbolism for yourself). Unfortunately it didn’t turn out to be so lovely. According to Serbian tabloid Kurir, the Kombank arena where Doris sang was almost empty!

The arena can accommodate about 20,000 people , and on the night when Doris sang there were barely 1,500 people present. The VIP room was empty, and Serbian entertainers have, according to the local media, boycotted the concert. Days before many said they don’t understand why Doris is making a comeback since she hasn’t released any new songs in 20 years.

Despite the poor response, Doris was thankful to the fans who did turn up:

My heart is really pounding. Thank you very much, dear friends. I’m glad we met on such a beautiful day. I want you, if you have not already, to fall in love tonight – Doris said at the beginning of the concert.

In an interview for InMagazin, she spoke out about her Belgrade experience:

I do not need to explain that. I live to not look back on something bad... Somehow is is always the same people who deliver messages of anger and rage against one’s success

Her next concert in Serbia will be in Novi Sad on 8th March. Apparently only 500 tickets have been sold for an arena that holds 3,000.

But let’s focus on happier times. Here is Doris at Eurovision 1999. She finished fourth.

Mario Saucedo contributed this report from Croatia. Follow the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Photo: Doris Dragovic



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9 years ago

She’s a good singer and performer, but she hasn’t released any new songs for a long time.

9 years ago


but 1999 was one of the best contests ever!