The quick poll we opened yesterday, ahead of tonight’s O melodie pentru Europa national final, is now closed. Margarita Ciorici with her band Metafora is your favourite to win the Moldovan contest with “Vis” (Dream).

Margarita, who had laryngitis during the second semi-final and struggled to perform her song, almost missed the final, but was the wildcard saved by the audience. After the show, she revealed that she had considered withdrawing from the competition, but she eventually decided to perform. Margarita, who is a also singing coach, admitted that her performance was faulty and was very grateful that her song was saved by the audience. It is unlikely that she will have recovered enough for her to win the final, but we wish her all the best of health and luck tonight!

Doinita Gherman is your second favourite to win tonight. Her flawless performance and Miels Pops inspired costumes has won over many international viewers, but will she be able to convince the Moldovan audience and jury as well?

And finally, Cristina Scarlat is your third favourite, with one vote above Boris Covali. Her dramatic song “Wild Soul” won the second semi-final:

It very likely, however, that Boris Covali will win tonight. After the first semi-final, which he won, Boris confessed to the media that he invested over 10,000 US dollars in his participation this year. Besides his expensive-looking staging, Boris Covali’s posters are all over town, in an effort to secure at least the public vote. Apparently he is taking all the necessary steps to avoid what happened last year, when he was defeated with a two-point margin by Aliona Moon. Could today be Boris Covali’s “Perfect Day”?

Poll results

Margarita & Metafora – “Vis” 10.79% (59 votes)
Doinita Gherman – “Energy” 9.69% (53 votes)
Cristina Scarlat – “Wild Soul” 8.04% (44 votes)
Boris Covali – “Perfect Day” 7.86% (43 votes)
Mikaella – “Follow Your Dreams” 7.5% (41 votes)
Diana Brescan – “Hallelujah” 6.95% (38 votes)
Curly – “Your Recovery” 6.4% (35 votes)
Ana Cernicova – “Dragostea divina” 6.03% (33 votes)
Lucia S – “Frozen” 5.85% (32 votes)
Felicia Dunaf – “The Way I Do” 5.85% (32 votes)
Tatiana Heghea – “I’m Yours” 5.12% (28 votes)
FLUX LIGHT – “Never Stop No” 5.12% (28 votes)
EDICT- “Forever” 4.39% (24 votes)
Aurel Chirtoaca – “Urme de iubiri” 3.84% (21 votes)
Paralela 47 – “Fragmente” 3.47% (19 votes)
Diana Staver – “One And All” 3% (17 votes)

Total votes cast: 547.

The show starts tonight at 19:00 CET and can be watched online either on the TRM website or on

Running order

1. Diana Staver – “One And All”
2. Doinita Gherman – “Energy”
3. Boris Covali – “Perfect Day”
4. Tatiana Heghea – “I’m Yours”
5. Lucia S – “Frozen”
6. Margarita & Metafora – “Vis”
7. Ana Cernicova – “Dragostea divina”
8. EDICT- “Forever”
9. FLUX LIGHT – “Never Stop No”
10. Aurel Chirtoaca – “Urme de iubiri”
11. Paralela 47 – “Fragmente”
12. Diana Brescan – “Hallelujah”
13. Mikaella – “Follow Your Dreams”
14. Curly – “Your Recovery”
15. Cristina Scarlat – “Wild Soul”
16. Felicia Dunaf – “The Way I Do”

What do you think about the poll results? And will you be watching Moldova’s national final tonight?

Bogdan Honciuc is a Romania-based correspondent for You can follow him on Twitter @stingovision. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: TRM

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9 years ago

Tatiana Heghea – I’m yours is my pick i dont get why no one else is really feeling it:/

9 years ago

I sadly don’t think Margarita will win after seeing she almost didn’t qualify for the final two nights ago. I believe Boris has a good chance which I won’t be devastated about but think there’s better songs.

9 years ago

I know Margarita’s chances to win are thin, not only because of her laryngitis, but because entries like Covali’s and Scarlat’s seem strong and among the favourites… and becase most of the times the winners of these polls never actually win, haha. But even so, best of luck to her! I love her song! Still my favourite regardless of the results.

I’m constantly changing my mind about who I would like to win if not Margarita or Doinita, I don’t like neither Perfect Day nor Wild Soul, I prefer Dragostea Divina or I’m Yours, even Frozen.

9 years ago

Boris third, and Cristina fifteenth! Great place for both of them. More chances for Cristina to win :3

9 years ago

Unfortunate situation for Margarita; she shouldn’t be singing, and probably couldn’t prepare properly either, but it’s now or never.

9 years ago

By choosing the fantastic “O mie” by the amazing Aliona Moon last year it will be very difficult to surpass this entry. It’s a very tough act to follow. “O mie” was an amazing song and had a very good act and deserved nothing less than a top 5 in the final. Personally, I think it’s the best entry from Moldova so far. The Moldovan final last year was incredibly strong, but also this year’s final in Moldova is strong. I like almost all the songs. My big favorites: – Ana Cernicova – Dragostea divin? – Aurel Chirtoac? – Urme… Read more »