You may not know Vadim Tsurkan by name, but surely you’ll recognize his face if you re-watch Moldova’s 2010 and 2013 Eurovision acts. He was one of the men in white during Aliona Moon’s stunning stage show in Malmö, and he also spent three minutes performing an aggressive thrusting motion on stage at Eurovision 2010. Yes, he was one of the men behind Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira (and Epic Sax Guy).

Tonight he’ll be providing back-up to Olia Tira once again as part of her new group Flux Light. Do you think they have a chance to win? And don’t you love Vadim’s enthusiasm?

While you ponder those questions, you can re-watch Moldova’s 2010 and 2013 performances (featuring Vadim) below.

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10 years ago