Three weeks ago, Austria’s Conchita Wurst rose like a phoenix to win Europe’s biggest singing competition. Tonight, the Austrians are celebrating once again, as they claim their second Eurovision title in less than a month – Eurovision Young Musicians. But this time there was no bearded lady, just Chinese-born Ziye He and his violin. Slovenia’s Urban Stanic took the runner-up spot while Gergely Devich finished third for Hungary.

2014 Eurovision Young Musicians Participants

1. Moldova – Livyka Shtirbu-Sokolov (Piano) performing “Piano concerto” by Liviu Shtirbu

2. Croatia – Sara Domjanic (Violin) performing “Zigeunerweisen, op.20” by Pablo de Sarasate

3. Malta – Kurt Aquilina (Guitar) performing “Concerto De Aranjuez – 2nd Movement Adagio” by Joaquin Rodrigo

4. Hungary – Gergely Devich (Violoncello) performing “Allegro appassionato Op.43” by Saint-Saëns

5. Slovenia – Urban Stanic (Piano) performing “Grande polonaise brillante, op. 22 E-flat major” by Fryderyk Chopin

6. Austria – Ziyu He (Violin) performing “2. Violinkonzert” by Belá Bartók

7. Poland – Bartosz Kolsut (Accordion) performing “‘Concerto Classico’ part I” by Bronis?aw Kazimierz Przybylski

8. The Netherlands – Lucie Horsch (Recorder) performing “Concerto per flautino in sol maggiore RV 443” by A. Vivaldi

9. Portugal – André Gunko (Cello) performing “Cello Concerto op. 85, 2 mov Lento. Allegro molto” by Edward Elgar

10. Greece – Vassilis Digos (Guitar) performing “Concerto in Re – M.C. Tedesco” by M.C. Tedesco

11. Germany – Judith Stapf (Violin) performing “Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Opus 77, fourth movement: Burlesque: Allegro con brio – Presto” by Dmitri Shostakovich

12. Sweden – Albin Uusijärvi (Viola) performing “Viola concerto, 2nd movement” by William Walton

13. Czech Republic – Martin Kot (Accordian) performing “Flick-Flack” by Albert Vossen

14. Norway – Sonoko Miriam Shimano Welde (Violin) performing “3. movement from Violin Concerto no 1 in G minor, op. 26” by Max Bruch

This year’s Young Musicians took place in front of the Cologne Cathedral, right in the heart of the German city, and was presented by Sabine Heinrich. All participants were judged by a panel of 5 professional jurors.

As well as their performaces from tonight’s final, they were also judged on their pre-round programs, which took place last Monday and Tuesday. The juries then considered their scores from both rounds, before deciding on the winner.

Unlike at Eurovision, only the top 3 countries are revealed.

Photo: Elena Volotova (EBU)

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8 years ago

@Diane, this year’s ESC winner was everything BUT “for the song itself”. 🙂 Sadly.

8 years ago

“Three weeks ago, Austria’s Conchita Wurst rose like a phoenix to win Europe’s biggest singing competition..”

Well, Eurovision Song Contest is, well, a song contest, right? I thought the song is the key, not the singing itself

8 years ago

Maybe Austria should try their luck at JESC