Ace Wilder has not been “Busy Doin’ Nothin'”. Yesterday she launched ACE TV, her official Youtube channel where she plans to upload video-tweets. We’re not familiar with the phrase “video-tweet”, but it actually sounds like a lot more fun than the old video-blog (so 2013). Anyway, the first two episodes are already online, and Ace promises to release two new episodes every week.

Through Ace TV Ace will offer a glimpse of her daily life, which isn’t work-work-work-free anymore. The two points that prevented her from winning Melodifestivalen haven’t stopped her from becoming a breakout star in Sweden, or from gaining a huge number of new fans who like to follow her every move. This includes the entire team at!

In the first video Ace is on her way to Upsala to surprise a group of school kids who wrote translations of her songs. “They don’t know that we’re coming,” she tells the camera as she and her crew are about to enter the classroom. It’s so funny to see the kids’ reactions as she opens the door. It takes them a few seconds to understand what is happening, and then they go crazy!

In the second episode, Ace has a contest with another singer backstage at the Swedish Youtube Awards.They try to find out who can sing the longest note. After a few seconds of humming, Ace loses, laughs and calls her opponent a cheater. He just keeps holding his note until the very end of the video.

But you know what? We love Ace, no matter how long she can hold her notes. We love the fact that she’s 100% herself in her videos, and completely nonchalant and natural. She has a never-ending assortment of loose pants, crop-tops and wind jackets which keep her looking comfortably fabulous. Even her hair always look so effortlessly sleek and perfect!

Though she’d rather be making money while she sleeps, Ace has been doing a lot since Melodifestivalen. Right after the contest she collaborated with Norway’s 2013 Eurovision contestant Margaret Berger on Margaret’s single “Scream”.

She topped the Swedish charts, cracked the charts across Europe, and went to L.A to work on some new songs. She will be performing in Finland in two music festivals in June and July, and after that she will release a new single and EP, and go on a tour in the fall. Ace is also promoting a lot of interesting projects on her official Facebook page, like calling fans to create interpretations of “Busy Doin’ Nothin’” and selling copies of the eternal no.7 crop-top she wore at Melodifestivalen.

It seems like Ace is in a very energetic mood. Does it mean that she’s planning something special for the upcoming Eurovision season? In a recent interview, Ace said that Melodifestivalen was a great experience, and that she’s not saying no to doing it again. We really hope she’s back for 2015.

Sopon contributed reporting to this post from the United States. 

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Deven O'Kearney
6 years ago

Ace Wilder looks like Cara Delevigne. 🙂

the truth
the truth
6 years ago

OMG… She needs to grow up! She’s not seventeen anymore.

6 years ago

I hope she returns to MF in 2015!. if I say it like this… had Ace gone to Copenhagen I doubt Conchita would have won the final!

6 years ago

Que pena?