You should all know the fabulous Edyta Górniak from Eurovision 1994. Poland’s debut contestant, she managed to come second, which remains the country’s best-ever result.

When Poland announced its return to Eurovision last year, rumours swirled that she would be their contestant. She obviously wasn’t, as we got Cleo & Donatan instead. Perhaps it was for the best. Cleo & Donatan (and all those boobs) brought Poland to the final for the first time in years. And Edyta stayed busy remastering and perfecting her new single “Your High”, which we are pleased to share with you now.

It’s a lovely song with a modern R&B sound, although for me it doesn’t live up to her previous song “Consequences.”

Would you dance to this in a club, or would you sit it out? The eternal conundrum of mid-tempo dance…Comment below, and let us know what you think.

But before that let’s listen to Edyta’s Eurovision entry which came second.

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Marcelo N
8 years ago

Very nice sound, indeed! This is how you make something good without the need to reinvent the wheel (every sound bit here has been heard a gazillion times for at least 15 years, but it does work well). And her voice is still sultry and powerful. I still remember her jaw-dropping performance of To Nie Ja! and what it did to me when I first saw her some ten years ago 🙂

8 years ago

it’s an OK song but I much prefer Consequences or On The Run (and they both have incredible videos)