Catarina Pereira, the runner-up at Festival da Canção and Portugal’s representative for this year’s OGAE Second Chance Contest, has today released the official video of “Mea Culpa”. Her entry may have lost out to Suzy in the national final, but it’s getting us into the mood for summer, y’all!

Unlike at the national final, Catarina has gone bilingual, with a mix of Portuguese and English for her video. “Mea Culpa” was composed by Andrej Babic, with the lyrics written by Carlos Coelho. Bruno Moreira is the director of the video.

Mea Culpa (Portuguese) lyrics — Catarina Pereira


Mea Culpa (English) lyrics — Catarina Pereira


You can watch her live performance of the original version below.

Photo: RTP

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Pillow Assback
Pillow Assback
9 years ago

“Bask in the Portuguese sunshine”

Sam "Sopon"
9 years ago

Aiiiii! Que linda a Catarina é!