Last year she sang about how she’s yearning for her man to come back to her. Well, that time has passed. Nina Badric, Croatian representative at Eurovision 2012, is now singing off her ex in the music video for her latest song “Dan D”. And she’s doing it Mei Finegold style!

When you hear the trumpets and that oh-yo-yo-yo-yo reggae sound in the opening bars, you may think that Nina is about to drop a bit of sunshine. But no. By the end of the second verse she’s eager to get her cheating partner out of her life. Don’t mess with Miss Badric, y’all: Here I am/Back on my feet/I have broken/ all of your stuff. Nina Badric Dan D

There are other clues that a war is on: “Dan D” translates as “D Day” in Croatian.

Filming took place in an old elevator and in gritty areas surroundings Katran club in Zagreb. Goran Bogdan, a well-known Croatian actor, spends a lot of time breaking glass. He also drools over Nina for most of the video.

He now joins the list of celebrity men who have previously acted as Nina’s lovers in her music videos. Alumni include tennis player Goran Ivanisevic and actor Leon Lucev.

Speaking to Gloria magazine, Nina described working with Goran.

“When I told him that he needs to play a bastard, he said: ‘Ouch! But it’s okay.’ In any case, he’s a guy who very much burned the woman about whom I sing. He’s very handsome, very talented and I was just happy to be with him in the video.”

Day D lyrics

I wake up
Burns all over my face
Those damned tears
Burned me badly
Let the pain crumble me
Just not you
To say goodbye first

Too long have you been
Guest in a strange beds
It is really late
To act innocent
To forgive or not to
The day D
Has come

Here I am
Back on my feet
Your stuff
I’ve just broken
Do not breathe my air
Go,let the darkness guide you

Just go
I could regret it hundred times
But I’m not taking you
Out of garbage
And I am not getting you back
Because the day D
Has now come

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B. Igic
B. Igic
8 years ago

She is also popular in Serbia.

8 years ago

I love the Song!!! Nina is the best croatian singer!! 🙂

8 years ago