In May Twin Twin made history as the act responsible for France ‘s worst showing in 59 years of participation at the Eurovision Song Contest. This was not deserved. But Lorent, Patrick and Francois aren’t sulking. In fact, they have just released “Vive La Vie”, perhaps the best urban French-language album of the year. Vive la vie? With Twin Twin, we say Oui Oui!

“Vive la Vie” is a 13-track album without any fillers, and most of the tracks are club ready. The boys blend wit, satire and catchy rap in a 43-minute package that speeds by. Interestingly, most of the tracks are around the three-minute marker, which may suggest the difficulty they had narrowing down their Eurovision entry.

Life isn’t always neon fun, and Twin Twin demonstrate this with “Au Cinema” and “Les Sentiments”. They showcase a more musically-focused and ambient side to Twin Twin, and stand out for their melodic delivery and instrumentation.

When the music calls you to the floor, Twin Twin are on hand to tell you what time it is. “Vive la Vie” treads on a happy urban vibe and reflects the manifold influences—from the Magrheb to the Marais—that influence this trio. When the closing track “By Your Side” hit its last note, I was left with an inner reprise. Twin Twin? Oh Yeah!!!!!

Rating: 3.5/5

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10 years ago

Yeah, the album is good but most of the songs sound much better when you see them in concert.
A few tracks would have been better songs for the competition than “Moustache”. Just listen to “Génération Go Fast”, “By My Side”, “Phone Call”…

10 years ago

This is the best album I’ve bought in a looooong time! I’ve been listening to it on repeat since April and I regret nothing.. Veeery well done Twin Twin!