She might have been defeated by three former nobodies and an oompah song at Unser song für Denmark, but that’s not enough to slow down one of Germany’s hottest acts. Oceana just released Everybody, the self-proclaimed summer hit of the year (although Rannamaja might be rivaling it). Kick back and feel the beat.

As ever she mixes soul, funk, hip-hop, and reggae, and the music video nods to her French-Caribbean roots. It’s a definite party vibe in Ocean’s house! However, the song is seasonal, and it can’t have much chart success after September. The background noise also involves whistling. I apologize to all Anggun and Sebalter fans out there, but whistling in music absolutely irritates me!

It may not be the biggest summer hit, but it’s a hit nonetheless.

Rating: 4/5

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6 years ago

Oceana is great!