We have to tell you something! After taking some time off, Andrius Pojavis, Lithuania’s Eurovision 2013 contestant, has announced the imminent release of a new album titled “88”. To whet our appetites, and as part of a small-scale Facebook promotion, he has also released a single called “Summertime”. Here’s the rub: It’s only available for a short period of time for free. Thankfully we have embedded it for you to enjoy below. You’re welcome.

Summer tunes tend to be chirpy, but this breaks the mold. It expresses the joys of summer in a less obvious way, noting how subtle happiness can be. He doesn’t shout the message—it’s more of a whisper—but we still get the point: that summer brings about a sense of euphoria and rebirth. The number comes across as somewhat heavy, feeling more grunge than indie pop, which suggests Andrius may be taking a new direction.

This moody song suggests great things are in store on “88”. We cannot wait to see how our Lithuanian shoe-lover is developing his musical style post-ESC!

Rating: 4.5/5

Summertime lyrics — Andrius Pojavis

Summertime gave my way and asked me to fly across the ocean,

To find the light in your eyes,

In your mornings and sleepless nights,

Have you ever tried to cut the sky and then it stopped to shine,

Watching all over,

Lies and weakest points all over, through the lies and deepest time,

It’s summertime,

Where have you been? I was so lonely, forgot who I am until you called me,

Come together, my love decides

Come together, this rock is mine,

Watching all over, lies and weakest points,

I’m waiting no longer through the lies and deepest time,

Over our head, on the top of the hill,

Summertime, it makes you feel, makes you feel,

Lies and weakest points,

Waiting no longer,

Over our head, on the top of the hill,


Makes you feel, makes you feel.

Photo: Eurovision.tv (EBU)