Kenan Dogulu, he who “shook it up” for Turkey at Eurovision 2007, has teamed up with Ajda Pekkan, the gorgeous singer who represented Turkey at Eurovision 1980, on the new song “Harika” (Great). It’s something of a family affair: Kenan and Ajda feature in the song, which is actually the latest single from Turkish pop star Ozan Dogulu, Kenan’s brother.

The feel-good summer anthem features an easy-to-remember chorus of na na nas. The video is simple but fun and shows Kenan and Ajda dancing around an orange room. Something tells us they get plenty of Vitamin C! This song would go down a storm on a cruise ship or at your favourite beachside club in Ibizia.

Kenan has reason to be in a sunny mood. He is going to marry the beautiful Turkish actress Beren Saat on July 27.

The couple will do the deed in Los Angeles, but only their families and best friends will attend. They’ll organise a separate event for 500 of their nearest and dearest who couldn’t attend at a later date. That event will take place on Büyükada (The Great Island), Princess Islands, Istanbul.

The Eurovision veterans took the stage and sang the song for the first time during the “Altin Kelebek” (Golden Butterfly) Awards. It’s a Turkish television and music awards organization.

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7 years ago

Harika means “nice to meat you” in greek. But nobody cares.

7 years ago

ERROR: The introductory note has 1997 instead of 2007 …