Have you ever wanted to own some Eurovision memorabilia? Say…Sanna Nielsen shoes? Or Sanna Nielsen’s bag? Well, now the Viking goddess is making your dream a reality. The Swedish representative for Eurovision 2014 is selling some of her personal fashion items online, and all profits go to BRIS, a Swedish organisation that fights for children’s rights. So if you have a few thousand Swedish crowns to spare, head to BRIS’  page on Tradera.com and start bidding!

jewlThe hottest item on offer is probably the jewlery she wore at Melodifestivalen 2014 while she performed the winning song “Undo“. We’re talking about three stunningly beautiful silver bracelets. As of August 19, the highest offer stands at 1625 Swedish crowns (178 euros). We think it’s totally worth it! Who knows, these bracelets might give the bearer the ability to sing flawlessly, just like Sanna did when she wore them.

Another item oozing Melodifestivalen superpower is Sanna Nielsen’s favorite bag, for which the highest bid is now 1103 Swedish crowns (120 euros). Sanna carried this bag while she was rehearsing for Melodifestivalen 2008 with the song “Empty room“.

sandalsIf you’re looking for a Sanna item at a lower price point, you can bid on Sanna’s black Hugo Boss Overall dress. You’ll only have to pay  865 Swedish crowns (95 euros) to win it. This is the garment Sanna wore when she participated in the popular TV show Sommarkrysset in 2011. You can also bid on Sanna’s Karen Millen silver Sandals, which she wore at the summer music show Lotta på Liseberg. They cost you Swedish crowns. Just make sure you’re the same size as Sanna before you rush to buy them!

Sanna is one of several Swedish celebrities and Swedish companies who participate in this auction in order to raise money for BRIS (Barnens rätt i samhället – children’s rights in society). The organisation was founded in 1971 in order to promote children’s rights and welfare. The organisation’s chief secretary is no other than Kattis Ahlström, the presenter of Eurovision 2000 in Stockholm.

As it appears, initiatives to raise money for a good cause are rooted in the Swedish society. Every Melodifestivalen fan is familiar with “radiohjälpen“, the organisation the voters can donate money to by calling the second telephone number on the screen. The Swedish people gather millions of Swedish crowns for various good causes every year, by only voting for their favorite Melodifestivalen songs! We think that combining schlager and charity like that is just awesome.


As for Sanna, she may give away her silver jewelry and silver sandals, but gold is what her heart is made of!


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9 years ago

Really think she should have taken the winners glory at the Eurofestival.From all the singers she was amazing.

the truth
the truth
9 years ago

Lovely woman