Yesterday we brought you some “Ice Bucket Challenge” highlights from the word of Eurovision. The frosty delights included topless members of Blue, Marco Mengoni squealing and Ruth Lorenzo getting brainfreeze. Must see entertainment! The link is below.

But it turns out we were only skimming the top of a very large iceberg, for over the last 24 hours the trickle of euro-celebs getting chilly for charity has become a flood. Here are some more of the best Eurovision attempts (you’ll be glad to see that none of them have pulled a Conchita, and wimped out).

Raphael Gualazzi (Italy 2011)

Anri Jokhadze (Georgia 2012)

Gaia Cauchi (Malta JESC 2013)

Lena (Germany 2010 and 2011)

Emma Marrone (Italy 2014)

Natalie Horler of Cascada (Germany 2013)

Daniel Testa (Malta JESC 2008 and MESC 2014)

Mandinga (Romania 2012)

Emmy (Armenia 2011)

Can Bonomo (Turkey 2012)

RiskyKidd (Greece 2014)

For those of you who’ve been living in a social media vacuum, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was started by the American ALS Association in July to raise awareness of the degenerative and incurable ALS or motor neurone disease, the campaign has completely snowballed over the last week, as more and more people get involved. The challenge involves participants recording themselves pour large quantities of water and ice over their heads, posting the clip online, and then nominating others to complete the challenge within 24 hours, while making a charitable donation.

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9 years ago

LOL!! Gaia’s was hilarious!!