Are y’all sick of the “Ice Bucket Challenge” yet? Well regardless of what you lot think, the stars of Eurovision past are most certainly not! We’ve already given you two lists crammed full of sub-zero antics:

But the fun shows no signs of abating. Check out our fresh batch of brave (or, depending on your world-view, foolish) candidates below.

Nina Badric (Croatia 2012)

Tanja (Estonia 2014)

Click HERE to see the video.

Olivia Newton-John (United Kingdom 1974)

Eldar Qasimov (Azerbaijan 2011)

Lulu (United Kingdom 1969)

TWiiNS (Slovakia 2011)

Hadise (Turkey 2009)

Severina (Croatia 2006)

Kurt Calleja (Malta 2012)

The “This Is The Night” singer was more adventurous than most. Not content to merely pour a bucket over his head, he also submerged himself in an icy bath for sixty seconds. That’s what you call dedication to the cause! He had promised to undertake the challenge once he reached 10,000 likes on Facebook, setting a target for Sunday. But of course euro-fans are always keen to see their idols pull crazy stunts, and the limit was passed within hours. Before he met his frosty fate Kurt listed ten people who were particularly eager to see him suffer become a good samaritan. And wouldn’t ya know it, two of our own topped the list – wiwibloggers Sami and Katie… sadists!

What is the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge?

For those of you who’ve been living in a social media vacuum, the “Ice Bucket Challenge” was started by the American ALS Association in July to raise awareness of the degenerative and incurable ALS or motor neurone disease, the campaign has completely snowballed over the last week, as more and more people get involved. The challenge involves participants recording themselves pour large quantities of water and ice over their heads, posting the clip online, and then nominating others to complete the challenge within 24 hours, while making a charitable donation.

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