Believe it or not, Paula Seling, Romania’s representative at Eurovision together with Ovi in 2010 and 2014, has always struggled to get air time on the famously demanding Romanian pop radio stations. Despite her fabulous talent and amazing voice, Paula’s music has never been considered commercial enough for airplay. “Solo” is her latest attempt to ride high on the radio waves.

Despite being very well known and respected in Romania, Paula is known more as an accomplished jazz performer than a pop singer. In a highly competitive market, her music and image are perceived as too soft. In an effort to become more radio-friendly with “Solo”, Paula joined forces with Tuan, an up-and-coming rapper who delivers the compulsory spoken words before the bridge. We don’t know whether this bet will pay off, but any song featuring Paula Seling’s voice is great listening in our book.

This morning, she released the song live on TV, albeit minus Tuan and with a guitar solo instead:

Score: 3.5/5 (Frankly, Tuan’s input is not needed, especially on a song entitled “Solo”)

PS: Ovi, Paula’s “partner in crime” at this year’s Eurovision, has also been teasing a re-release of “She’s After My Piano”, taken from his new album, “A Bit of Pop Won’t Hurt Anyone”. Stay tuned!

Solo lyrics — Paula Seling

Solo, solo
Mono, oh-oh
Hello, hello

Cu soarele-n priviri, prin oras hai-hui
Plutesc printre oameni si culori
Imi lipsesti, spun tuturor si nimanui
Inima mea imprastie nori

Ma stramb in vitrine
Intru-n magazine
Ma pierd prin multime
Cant la semafor

Viata ia-ma, du-ma
Beau cafea cu spuma
Si asa in gluma
Scriu pe-un zid “Mi-e dor”

Sunt solo, solo, solo
Inima-mi bate mono, oh-oh
Iti spun hello, hello, hello
Vreau sa-mi bata stereo

Da, e tot mai greu solo
Tu acolo imi spui ca esti bine
Asteptand sa vii pe-Apollo
Sa vezi visul transformat in realitate
Sa fie o poveste scoasa dintr-o carte
Ai un fel de vis fara de sfarsit
Poate suntem un caz nu prea fericit
Vreau ca viata sa ne-aduca inapoi
Vreau ca timpul sa inghete pentru noi doi

Daca ai fi aici de mana amandoi
Prin multime am trece fericiti si vioi
Am juca sotron prin lumea de neon
Viata n-ar mai fi un peron
N-ar fi pareri de rau
Si prin parul tau
M-as juca si ti-as spune hello
Hello, hello, hello…

Solo lyrics (English) — Paula Seling

Solo, solo
Mono, oh-oh
Hello, hello

With the sun in my eyes, wandering through the city
Floating among people and colours
I miss you, I tell everyone and no-one
My heart is scattering clouds

I make grimaces in shop windows
I enter stores
I get lost in the crowd
I sing under the traffic light

Take me, life, away
I drink caffe latte
And as a little joke
I write “Miss you” on a wall

I am solo, solo, solo
My heart beats mono, oh-oh
I’m telling you hello, hello, hello
I want it to beat in stereo

Yes, it’s hard to be solo
You there tell me that you’re OK
Waiting to come on Apollo
To see the dream coming true
To have a story-book romance
You have an endless sort of dream
Maybe we are an unhappy case
I want life to bring us back together
I want time to freeze for us

If you were here I would hold your hand
Through the crowd we would pass, happy and merry
We would play hopscotch in a neon world
Life would no longer be a railway platform
There would be no regrets
And through your hair
I would play and I would tell you hello
Hello, hello, hello…


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paul seling
paul seling
9 years ago

Da, inca un refren (daca nu o piesa intreaga) copiata dupa Jesie J:

Cine sunt, oameni, K1, ca eu stiu “decat” un munte si o firma de skiuri ?

9 years ago

STEVE, Paula sing about many beautiful things we do everyday, about our love; it’s a song very sweet!!! I’am so happy ?

9 years ago

Very nice song! Paula can do any musical style with her voice. Also looking forward to the re-release of “She’s After My Piano”, love that song 😀 :D!

9 years ago

Ca de obicei, o piesa excelenta cu Paula. Beautiful song, Paula!

9 years ago

I love Paula and I love the fact that she isn’t singing English. It’s great. I have no idea what she’s singing about but it’s great!