Robert Turcescu, lead singer of Casa Presei, the band that finished fourth at Romania’s Selectia Nationala 2013 with “Un Refren”, has revealed that he has been working as a spy since 2010. He now risks up to seven years in prison for revealing a state secret.

“Un refren”,  the song submitted by Casa Presei to Selectia Nationala 2013, came second in televoting and placed fourth after jury votes in the Final, which Cezar “The Voice” Ouatu won with “It’s My Life”.

Turcescu, who is best known as a TV talk-show host, came out as an undercover officer working for the Romanian military, just ahead of the presidential election campaign. Seeing as one of the candidates is rumoured to be a spy, Turcescu found it unbearable to discuss the topic on his nightly show whilst himself being a secret agent.

Robert Turcescu blog


He confessed on his blog:

Yes, I have been an undercover lieutenant colonel. […] I have chosen not to betray God and to come out publicly with this information. I refused to be a Judas in front of Christ, even though today those who will read and see this text might not understand exactly what is going on. Pray for me and with me so that we be forgiven and saved. I am prepared to face public contempt, which I deserve, but I hope we’ll have fair laws and judges. God willing, everything will be fine. I beg everyone to forgive me.

The journalist/singer also published scanned documents which purport to show that he has been working as a spy since april 2010. He also announced that he is withdrawing from public life until a judge decides his fate. According to the Romanian legislation, if convicted, Robert Turcescu now risks between two and seven years behind bars for revealing a state secret.

What do you think? Are you as speechless and mildly amused as we are about this bit of news?


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Eat no porridge!
9 years ago

He had a great song in the NF, but this is kind of crazy. if it’s correct, the way it is written. Let’s hope he can sort out his stuff 🙂