Portuguese songstress Raquel Guerra has surprised us a bit here, we must say. Raquel’s new single ‘As melodias de um adues’ (‘The Melodies of Goodbye’) dropped over the summer, and the melancholic tune does a total 180 from the number we saw Raquel sing at Festival Da Canção 2014. Even if she’s gone all sad on us, Raquel proves that 1) she has a beatiful voice and 2) that she can handle both Portugese ballads as well as the more ‘jazzy’ side of life.

Without any backing vocals (like we heard on her Festival Da Cancao song ‘Sonhos Roubados’) Raquel’s voice takes centre stage, right where it should be. Pure and dark, this is how we like to hear Raquel.

‘As melodias de um adues’ was written by Marios Gligoris and Nuno Valerio, who where involved in several Eurovision/Festival Da Canção -productions in the recent years.

Portuguese Lyrics

As melodias de um adeus’

Fotos de um velho álbum
Folhas rasgadas
Que não as colei
Longe daquele instante
Do meu momento
Recordações fendidas
Naquela pista onde me entreguei
sem ter o que sentia
Meros momentos que perdi, em ti deixei

Sonata mal entoada
Um tango sem ser a dois
Um breve alegro na cara
Um triste e só poema a dois
Uma valsa tão descuidada
Um adágio cerrado foi
Balada sofrida eterna
Um som pisamos os dois
Notas absurdas de pena
Violinos tocam apenas

Noites em que eu choro em silêncio
e não respiro a ouvir
tantas melodias de um adeus

Partes da minha alma
Ao descoberto
Segredos contei
Parei naquele instante
Deixei a tarde

Pontos equidistantes
Naquela dança que quis, não rodei
Sonhos onde vivia
esses lamentos que temia, encontrei

English Translation

‘The melodies of a goodbye’

Pictures of an old album,
ripped sheets I didn’t glued
Far away from that moment,
of my moment,
after noon
Cracked memories
in that dancehall
where I gave myself,
not having what I felt
Mere moments I lost,
I left in you

Poorly sung sonata,
a tango not for two
A brief allegro in the face,
a sad and lonely poem by two
A so careless waltz,
it was a thick adagio
Eternal suffered ballad,
we both stepped over a sound
Absurd notes of pity
that violins just play

Nights when I cry in silence and I don’t breath,
listening to so many melodies of a goodbye

Parts of my uncovered soul,
I told secrets
I stopped in that instant,
I let the afternoon turn into evening

Equidistant points in that dancing I wanted,
I didn’t rotate
Dreams where I lived,
I found these regrets I feared


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Mickael Blass
Mickael Blass
8 years ago

Horrible!!! She screams and the lyrics are from the 40’s.

8 years ago

Em bom português: muito bonito e intimo. (Beautiful and intimate)