As part of the duo Flux Light, alongside producer Alexandre Noctua, Olia Tira has come back with a new dance song, “Nu-mi lua dragostea” (Don’t take my love away), and a brand new look. The sexy blonde is now a fierce brunette!

Flux Light is Olia Tira’s new project, under which she competed in Moldova’s national selection O melodie pentru Europa earlier this year, with “Never Stop No”. It’s good to finally put a face to the box-head “robot” Alexandre Noctua, although it is clear that the charismatic Olia Tira is not only the voice, but also the heart and soul of the duo.

The new song, written by Alexandre and Olia, has the same kind of electronic sound with a definite vintage, 1980’s air. It’s slick and sensuous, just like the sax that’s making a guest appearance, and Olia’s smokey voice compliments the track. It’s also interesting to hear her sing flawlessly in Romanian, despite the fact that her mother tongue is actually Russian. A video is also in the works.

We talked to Olia, who told us that “Nu-mi lua dragostea” was not written with Moldova’s national selection in mind, although they do plan to write and record a song for O melodie pentru Europa 2015. They have time until 15 December, so stay tuned!

As for her change of look, don’t worry, Olia did not actually dye her beautiful blonde locks black. She is sporting a wig, especially for the promotion of her new single. She was also seen wearing it at Sunday’s charity event in Chisinau, where she was one of the Moldovan artists who helped raise 1 million Euros for rebuilding a maternity. She also donned a stylish hat that turned a lot of heads!

Olia Tira reporting for duty
Olia Tira reporting for duty

What do you think about Olia’s new song and look? And would you like to see her back to the Eurovision stage, after she shared it with SunStroke Project in 2010?