Flux Light—the new group fronted by Eurovision 2010 contestant Olia Tira—will be giving an electric performance during tonight’s final of O Melodie Pentru Europa. During the first semi-final in Moldova Olia and her dancers wore simple but sexy black outfits. But, as we saw during today’s rehearsal, their outfits tonight will actually light up the stage (and their abdomens). Here’s a sneak peak:

Olia Tira Moldova

Among those glowing tonight will be Olia’s mysterious robot dancer who has refused to give interviews with the media. Until now.

We oiled him up and coaxed him into having a quick yes or no interview in between cigarettes. He has a box on his head so it’s impossible for him to actually speak. As it turns out the mystery man is the composer of Olia’s song.

What do you think of his moves? And are you excited to see Olia back in the final?


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9 years ago

Thank you Moldova!!!!!!!!! Best staging of the nf haha!!

9 years ago

omg, moldova is over the top! lol. who brings a cardboard robot to eurovision???