The Malta Eurovision Song Contest kicks off on November 21, and the semi-finalists are busy perfecting their performances. Twenty artists want the golden ticket for Vienna, and in the weeks ahead our Austrian correspondent Patrick Melbler will be catching up with ALL of them. Today he talks with Dominic Cini, who is singing the song “Once in a While”.

Congratulations for finally making the Maltese National Selection. How do you feel?

Thank you so much. I’m overwhelmed!

Your song is called “Once in a While”. Can you tell us a bit about it?

“Once In A While” is composed by Elton Zarb and penned by Rita Pace. The song is about a breakthrough in someone’s life. Life is full of ups and downs but one should never give up. Keep on believing in your dreams, because something good may be about to happen. This good song urges us to appreciate life more and the good things that we encounter throughout it. The style of the song is pop-rock.

In recent years you tried to make it into MESC, but always came up a little short. Why did you decide to try it again and do you have more power now?

I never give up especially when you believe in something and I’m more powerful now!

Can you tell us a bit about your life now? What has changed since your participation in MESC?

Busier than before! With the festivals preparations – interviews and appearances on TV and radio stations, rehearsals, etc.

dominic_cini1You work at well-known recording studio on Malta. Can you tell us about that?

I am an employee with a well-known recording studio in Malta. The studio is owned by Elton Zarb,  who is really popular nationally and internationally. He is the one who composed my song as well.

You’re not only a great singer and composer but you’re also an actor. How did that start and which business do you like the most?

I started in 2011, when I took part in local dramas such as “Deja Vu’”, “Dreams”, and recently “Katrina”. I think drama in Malta gives you more popularity and more fame. Honestly I like them both but I still prefer working with music.

Can you already tell us a bit about your performance and the staging in the Semi Final?

I will be accompanied by a band but that’s all that I will say to you… you have to see the show!

Do you have any lucky charms?

No need of a lucky charm as god will be with me every minute.

Why should Malta finally win Eurovision and do you think you could manage a victory?

As we are a very small country, Eurovision is the biggest event for us and we all work hard for it. Every singer has a chance for a victory, but first we will have to see what happens in the National Selection.

Did you already listen to the other competing songs? Do you have any favourites?

Yes, indeed — and it’s a hard competition this year. My favourites are “Warrior” sung by Amber and “Rush” sung by Christabelle!

Do you have a special message for your fans and readers of wiwibloggs?

Thank you for the support. Your encouragement gives us singers more energy!

Thank you, Dominic. Good luck and maybe see you on the big stage of Eurovision next year!

Thank you for the interview!

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Picture Source: PBS Malta