Early last month we asked y’all to take part in our first ever #wiwicomp. We had some great prizes to give away, but we couldn’t just hand them over. Oh no, we wanted to have some fun, so we sent y’all off on a Youtube Treasure Trail throughout the official wiwibloggs channel. Less than half of those who started made it to the end. And even then there could only be three winners. 

Conchita Wust Firelight Sergej Cetkovic CDs Signed Competition Prizes

First Place

David Jessop from the UK.

Prize: a signed copy of Firelight’s “Coming Home”

Second Place

Nick Grant from Australia.

Prize: Conchita Wurst press pack containing a “Rise Like A Phoenix” CD and badge

Third Place

Alejandro Serrano Antón from Spain.


Prize: Sergej Cetkovic “Moi Svijet” CD

Congratulations to you all. Your prizes are on the way.

We’ve plenty more great competitions planned, so keep tuned to wiwibloggs. Next time you could be the lucky one!

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9 years ago

Thanks wiwibloggs! I really appreciate the prize!

DJ Tiggeh
DJ Tiggeh
9 years ago


9 years ago

:), thank you for the DVD and congratulations to the other winners as well