Italy’s Vincenzo Cantiello brought his massive vocals to the first rehearsal at Junior Eurovision this afternoon, and he left any and all backing vocalists at home. When you’re channeling the pain and passion of first love — as he does in “Tu primo grande amore”— you don’t want to compete with anybody else screaming on dat stage! Visually he’s chosen orange and red spirals for his LED. When the electronic guitar enters for the first time the stage goes bright white and Vincenzo disappears for a split second, only to return with more orange and red spirals. This act is definitely about the voice — not any flashy tricks — and we’re sure jury members will respect that. Funnily enough, it started raining when Vincenzo performed, and some of the water leaked through on spectators. Tears from heaven? In any event, expect chills! We just hope Vincenzo rests his voice. He struggled with his vocals and sounded a bit hoarse on his second and third takes.

Update: We’ve just heard from Vincenzo’s team that they told him not to stretch his vocals on the second and third takes this morning. They wanted him to chillax, save his voice and feel the stage.

Vincenzo Cantiello’s First Rehearsal

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