Back in 2013, we asked you guys which host country fielded the best Eurovision entry in the preceding decade. Greece’s Anna Vissi (2006) won the poll, finishing well ahead of Germany’s Lena (2011). Well now we’re rewinding in time and are asking you the same question about the first decade of Eurovision, which kicked off in 1956 in Lugano, Switzerland. The Swiss were very pleased because the home entry (Lys Assia with “Refrain”) won. You can review each of the acts below, and then vote for your favourites. You can vote for as many acts as you would like, but you can only vote one time, so make it count.

In honor of the 60th anniversary of Eurovision, we’ll be running a series of these polls. When we’re done with this decade we’ll move on to the next decade (1966 – 1975) and so on. The Top Two acts from each poll will advance to our grand final poll covering all six decades in the spring.

Best Entry from the host country: 1956 – 1965

Eurovision 1956 (Switzerland): Lys Assia – “Refrain”

Eurovision 1956 (Switzerland): Lys Assia – “Das alte Karussell”

Eurovision 1957 (West Germany): Margot Hielscher – “Telefon, Telefon”

Eurovision 1958 (The Netherlands): Corry Brokken – “Heel de wereld”

Eurovision 1959 (France): Jean Philippe – “Oui, oui, oui, oui”

Eurovision 1960 (United Kingdom): Bryan Johnson – “Looking High, High, High

Eurovision 1961 (France):  Jean-Paul Mauric – “Printemps, avril carillonne”

Eurovision 1962 (Luxembourg): Camillo Felgen – “Petit bonhomme”

Eurovision 1963 (United Kingdom): Ronnie Carroll – “Say Wonderful Things”

Eurovision 1964 (Denmark): Bjørn Tidmand – “Sangen om dig”

Eurovision 1965 (Italy): Bobby Solo – “Se piangi, se ridi”

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Europe, start voting now!

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7 years ago

The accent was on elegance in those years! Margot Hielscher and Telefon, Telefon got my vote.

Deven O'Kearney
7 years ago

VOOOOOO LAAAAAAA REE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛

7 years ago

My favorites are “Refrain” (Switzerland 1956) and “Say Wonderful Things” (UK 1963).