By now you’ve all heard the news that Eurovision 2014 winner Conchita Wurst was among the most Googled celebrities in the world in 2014. On December 16 Google revealed its annual Google Trends report, and it showed just how intrigued people were by Miss Wurst. “Conchita became a global superstar almost overnight,” the report says. “In fact, search shows she even upstaged her inspirations Beyoncé and Lady Gaga.” Here’s how interest spiked for Conchita in May 2014, shortly after her win.

In her native Austria, “Conchita Wurst” was the second-most searched for phrase after the Fifa “World Cup”. “iPhone 6”, “Michael Schumacher”, “Robin Williams”, and “Ebola” followed.

Google Trends: Still More Eurovision Stars

A number of other Eurovision stars also made the Top 10 lists in their country, most often in the “trending celebrities” or “trending artists” categories. This means they showed the biggest spikes in interest (obviously around the time of Eurovision).


Conchita Wurst tops the list, but Ruth Lorenzo was the tenth most Googled celebrity in her Motherland in 2014. They are joined in the Top 10 by international artists, including ‘Bailando’ singer Enrique Iglesias.

Ruth is the only recent Spanish contestant to feature in the Google list. El Sueño de Morfeo (2013), Pastora Soler (2012) and Lucia Perez (2011) all failed to make the Top 10 in their respective years. Ouch. Ruth shared her joy and disbelief through her official Facebook page asking her 64, 000 fans, “Who would have said me a year ago?” Lorenzo is all about the top tens in 2014 – her album Planeta Azul and recent single ‘Gigantes’ both went Top 10 in her native Spain.

The Netherlands

Ilse DeLange, the front woman of the Common Linnets, was the second-highest trending Google personality following Sven Kramer, the Dutch long track speed skater who won gold in Sochi.


In Sweden Eurovision stars dominated the category for top trending artists. Conchita Wurst, Melodifestivalen runner-up Ace Wilder and Eurovision contestant Sanna Nielsen went 1-2-3. But Swedes also Googled Eurovision stars of yesteryear, including Alice Babs — the country’s first-ever contestant who passed away this year. And Monica Zetterlund, who competed in 1963.

Melodifestivalen was the top trending TV show in the country, while Eurovision came second.

If you’d like to explore even more countries and Eurovision trends, you can head to Google Trends and use the drop-down menu at top.

Junior Eurovision trending in Bulgaria!

And, finally, it’s great to see that young Krisia and Hasan & Ibrahim have helped spark interest in Junior Eurovision in Bulgaria. It was the eighth fastest-trending event in 2014, ahead of the Australian Open 2014 tennis tournament and New Year’s. Hopefully this means Bulgaria will return to Junior Eurovision 2015.

Update: Our friends at Junior Eurovision tell us that there is even more good news! Chatting with us on Twitter, they confirm that #JESC2014 trended in Spain and the UK, giving us reason to hope these giants may one day return to the Junior Eurovision stage. Fingers crossed!

— Additional reporting by wiwibloggers Angus and Padraig

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9 years ago

This is so non-esc, but I’m really surprised the Australian Open was in the top ten in Bulgaria, as opposed to Wimbledon, as their Bulgarian star, Grigor Dimitrov (he is fucking gorgeous by the way, seriously, google him) made the quarters in Australia and the semis in London..

9 years ago

OMFG ESC IS HUGER THAN I EBER THOUGHT!!!!!!!!!I wish Ireland showed as much interest.