It’s not long until Albania’s Festivali i Këngës, the country’s selection for Eurovision 2015! On December 26, the traditional Festivali will begin at the Pallati i Kongreseve in Tirana. This is the 53rd edition of the long-running show, and we will be interviewing some of the top Albanian artists vying for the win. Revolt Klan, a very popular Albanian boy band in the Albanian diaspora, wants the Albanian ticket to Eurovision 2015. We recently had the chance to talk with them about their song ‘Më mungon’.

Hello Revolt Klan. Congrats for being picked to be a part of Festivali i Këngës 53. How does it feel?

First of all we would like to thank you for this interview. Secondly, being part of this festival and having the potential to represent our country in further steps is more than a pleasure. It’s a big responsibility and needs a well-formed artistic career. It has the same emotions like performing for the very first time.

This is your first Festivali i Këngës. What made you decide to submit a song?

Art is never well planned — decisions rarely follow the steps of the schedule. Most of them are very spontaneous because inside of our production spectrum, they pop out.  They just have that ‘click’ that make you decide and say, “TRevolt Klan 2 #FiK53his is the one, this is the result I wanted”. Well more or less this is how we decided to enter.

Some readers outside of the Albanian diaspora might not know much about you. Could you tell us about your band?

Songs can describe us better, but we are making a little review for our diaspora’s fans. We are Febi and Bruno who like to experiment a lot. You can call us spontaneous as we enjoy and take our life in its very best way despite all the ups and downs. This has made us stronger.

You’re a very popular band in Albania. What do think of your fans in Albania, the Albanian diaspora and around Europe?

We are very grateful towards them. Without their support we couldn’t have the status we own now. We try to alternate our songs, some of them in English and some in Albanian to fulfil all the wishes of our fans whether international or national. Stay tuned to our next projects.

We know you song is called ‘Më mungon’ which translates as I miss you. Could you tell us a bit about your song?

With this song we tried to be innovative. We didn’t choose to be represented with a ballad nor with a dance and rhythmic song. It is in an RnB & hip-hop style. The text is not based on us as many people can get confused, but it is just a topic from everyday life where many people can relate to. We hope you like and enjoy it.

How are you preparing yourself for Festivali i Këngës 53?

As you can not imagine…rehearsals are every day my friend.

Have you seen who will be competing in Festivali i Këngës 53? In your opinion, who is your biggest competitor?

The 28 artists chosen to be in this festival are all very strong and good. We are friends in life and competitors in the scene let’s say. They all are trying their best as we are, so we just wish them luck and let the best song win!

RevoltKlanAre you a Eurovision fan? Do you watch Eurovision yourself?

Of course! We are fans of everything that has an artistic spirit inside it. We have tried to follow it every year and be supportive for our colleagues who has represented the country so far.

Who’s your favourite Albanian act from Eurovision?

In our opinion, Albania has always had very good representations and we are pround of it. We cannot differ any of them.

Since 2003/2004, Festivali i Këngës has been the song selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. What would it mean for you to represent Albania in the biggest song contest in the world?

Representing your country is a big honour and responsibility as we mentioned before. It is a great appreciation towards the artist. This doesn’t mean that if we represent Albania in Eurovision we have fulfilled our goals for our career. It is totally the opposite. Life always reserves many competitions for you, the more you try the better you become.

If you could pick just one song for our readers to listen to, what would the song be and why?

Dear friends, just listen to the songs that make your soul happy and fulfil your spirit. If you are asking me something from our playlist I would suggest “Endrra vazhdon” which means “The dream continues”. Never stop believing in your dreams and in your abilities. Follow your heart and it will lead you to success. Just remember there is no failure, only feedback.

What musical style(s) do you like?

We like to experiment, but mostly like pop rock mixed with rap.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? What spare time?  I am joking, but the reality is that we have a very little spare time. We like to dedicate the spare time to family and have a little break somewhere near the sea.

What’s the most beautiful place you’ve ever visited?

No other place is better than your country, is it?  We do not want to underestimate all the pearls around the world. We ourselves have visited many of them and they are way too beautiful.  But let’s stick to Albania.

For those who haven’t been to Albania, what places would you recommend them to visit and why?

We highly suggest you visit the southern part of Albania and you will understand the answer of our previous question. We are waiting for you all!

Do you have a message for the readers of wiwibloggs?

Greetings from Albania. We are happy to be part of wiwibloggs with this kind interview. The only message we want to give is to believe in yourself. If you can do that you can make anything happen.

Thank you for the interview from all of us at wiwibloggs. We wish you all the best of luck in Festivali i Këngës 53.

We thank you!


Do you think that Revolt Klan will represent Albania in 2015? Leave your comments below.

Photo Credit: Revolt Klan

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7 years ago

Has RTSH announced any date they are going to sale the ticktets?

7 years ago

When will the tickets for FiK go on sale?