wiwiblogger Sami was on-the-scene at YLE’s recent UMK press conference in Helsinki to dish with the artists. In one of our strangest interviews yet, he sits down with Angelo De Nile. De Nile is CRAZY with a capital C, but in a good way. He considers himself a mystical figure from the past, and while it was a challenge to get a straight answer out of him, we did get a few laughs and WTF moments.

Angelo De Nile interview

Angelo likes talking about his fictional past, which is quite interesting. (We do know his actual history: Born Kimmo Blom, he was the frontman for Boys of the Band, who competed in Euroviisut 2010). He glosses over his song “All For Victory“, saying it is very self-explanatory.

He also doesn’t spend too much time talking about the contest. Angelo is not a huge fan, and we are shocked. With all of the bonkerz performances that take place, he would fit right in! But we can forgive him, because as long as he knows ABBA and Lordi, it’s all cool.

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7 years ago

He should tell his label to stop blocking the video in the US!