Super-Saturday might be over but Super-Weekend isn’t as Latvia will end this exciting weekend with their last Heat of Supernova before the Semi Final! As we saw last Sunday, Latvia decided to go bigger than the last years and it’s really bigger, y’all! 10 acts shiver of excitment with only one goal – reaching the Semi! Who will follow MNTHA, Framest, Antra Stafecka & ElektroFolk?

You can watch Supernova live here from 20:20 CET. Be prepared to tweet about tonight’s show with the official hashtag #ltvsupernova

SUPERNOVA 2015 – Trailer HEAT 2

Only four of the 10 acts will qualify to the next round. Two will be selected by the jury, which consists of Dons, Kaspars Rogas, Ieva Kerevica and Guntars Racs. The other 2 qualifiers will be determined by the public voting – where YOU can be included! You can be part of the International jury here by just connecting to your facebook or twitter account!









The Break-Entertainment in Latvia is really animalistic, y’all #RigaBeaver!


Here’s how our team rated and ranked each song which is participating in HEAT 2.

Just click on the title to read the review in full.

1. Ornella – “Angel” (7.6)

2. Markus Riva – “Take Me Down” (7.1)

3. Aminata Savadogo – “Love Injected” (6.6)

4. Rihards Berzins – “Your Eyes” (6.1)

5. Katrina Bindere – “Run to You” (5.2)

6. Riga Metro – “High Heels” (4.1)

7. The Stones – “Free Your Mind” (3.6)

8. Euphony – “Home” (3.1)

9. Signe – “Sweet Girl” (2.1)

10. Martins Ruskins & Ginta Krievkalna – “Debesis” (1.9)

SUPERNOVA 2015 – Interviews

You can also check out our recent Interviews with 2 of the contestants tonight!



You can follow all of our Latvia Eurovision news here.

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9 years ago

Yeah, Aminata was great. The song is a bit loud near the end and there are singers with better technique in other selections (and perhaps better singers in Heat 1), but she deserves to do really well here. My other faves from this heat were High Heels (wow – talk about having novel ideas and executing them awesomely!), Take Me Down, and Sweet Girl. “Your Eyes” sounded decent too. “Debesis” sounded nice but I don’t think many people will care for that one.

9 years ago

Wow, Aminatas great!! 😀

Just being honest
Just being honest
9 years ago

Aminata – Love Rejected better qualify. Everything from the singer, outfit and staging was just..MAGIC! It will stand-out in the contest for sure!

9 years ago

Also, High Heels 4.1? That one just kicked major ass live.

9 years ago

How the heck did Angel get 7.6 from the wiwi jury? That song was an exercise in including as many things in a 3 minute song as possible.