Lithuania means business this year! Its Eurovizijos 2015 national selection has put artists and composers through a grueling series of evaluations, and the state broadcaster is destined to play the part of matchmakers. 

Last year’s winner Vilija Mataciunaite gave the East European country the wrong sort of attention by failing to advance to the finals of the contest. In a desperate bid not to repeat the failures of last year, leading Lithuania news portal 15 minutes have welcomed feedback from wiwibloggs. UK-based blogger Deban Aderemi critiqued the shortlisted entries ahead of his visit to Lithuania to watch the national finals. Here’s what he had to say, as previously published in 15min. Do you agree with him? Let’s hear what you have to say.

The Right Way
This song circles round the verses, and when it hits the chorus, it doesn’t take flight. There are many ways to love a song, but this isn’t the right way to make me do so.


This Time

There’s a storytelling magic to “This Time”. I’m taken on a musical journey underscored with a banjo. A fusion of country and pop, this entry strikes a youthful balance, and remains engaging throughout. The composers should be proud of their work here.



Give this track to Arianna Grande, and let her sprinkle some fairy dust on it. Strong pop elements here. However, the danger is that it is almost too “teen” to have universal appeal. Also, it appears like an imitation to voters who may feel that they’re getting a copy of Britney Spears or Mandy Moore.


Sound of Colours
Breezy approach to pop. Hues of Matt Bianco appear on this track making it decidedly Spring/Summer. There’s a very European feel to this entry. I picture flags and banners waving, hips shaking and a massive crowd sing-a-long when I hear this. Unlike many summer inspired songs that dip on repeat listens, “Sound of Colours” appreciates on every encore.


Say You Love Me

Sounds like a musical score you’d croon to a drowning man. Eurovision has moved on. So should Lithuania! This song is a cheesy representation. Although not entirely dreadful, it should by no means move beyond the national selection.



Pure magic. This track looks to the future whilst reminding us to retain our cultural identity. Strong waves of Moby, Morcheeba and Massive Attack run though the beats. Dance electronica meets folklore, and timely delivered with compelling vocals. Impressive! Not only will this song dominate radio stations in the region, with the right staging, it should rank high at the Eurovision Song Contest.


Take My Love

There’s an ease about this track. It works well as a lounge track, and the volume could be amped for the dance revellers. Unfortunately, in its current form, it would struggle to stand out as a memorable entry. The ending undersells the package. Perhaps a remix?


Es Tut Mir Nicht Leid

Irritating jazz number with a scatty structure. Even if it was sensibly arranged, this is packaged for an audience of 100 persons maximum, NOT a global viewing audience of 120 million.


Factory Hearts

This track treats its listeners with a journey through three decades of musical history. Cleverly composed with hues of Queen and Hurts, this could be the dark horse of the composition. Pop can get predictable after a while, but every beat here keeps me guessing. Well done!


Feel My Love

A dance anthem to get the crowd moving. Slight dip into the first verse, but the track rapidly picks up pace as the beat progresses. Nothing special here, but what’s presented is presented well. Cascada would love to cover this song, I’m sure. They could use a boost, and “Feel My Love” provides the perfect tonic.


No More Tears

Ballads can be timeless, but this doesn’t fall in that category. Lyrically heavy and dated, it sounds like an assault on my senses. “The hold me now, show me now” refrain feels plucked out of a synonym handbook. This entry needs help!


Not Perfect

Vintage rock with a contemporary arrangement. This Bon Jovi-type offering could fill a stadium. The lyrics are engaging, and the chorus provides a memorable hook. Repeat showing is the re-cap could bump this track to a major contender.


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8 years ago

Also, I like the review of some other songs which kind of makes me tend to also compare some to well known mainstream songs. Skestu does sound like Massive Attack in the beginning while Factory Hearts has the vibe of the band “Air”. Both are part of my top 5.

8 years ago

I am very biased for “This Time”. It starts a bit simple then becomes powerful in the middle until the end. Trendy but catchy. Send this, Lithuania!