Over the past week the Wiwi Jury has been reviewing each of the seven national finalists in Iceland. Our nine jurors hail from Australia, Austria, the Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, The Netherlands, New Zealand, the UK and the US, so even though we are global, we are tucking into the big, delicious Icelandic Eurovision Smörgåsbord. In the end, the Jury settled on María Ólafsdóttir as their favourite, with an average of 9.39 out of 10 – nearly breaking the Wiwi Jury record! Below you can see the average score that each act received out of 10. If you click on each song title, you can also read our reviews in full.

1. María Ólafsdóttir with Lítil Skref (9.39)

The Positive: This song is amazing. When I heard it for the first time I already knew this would be my big favourite in Iceland and even in the whole Eurovision contest. Her live performance is also great. He has an lovely voice and she can reach all of the high notes. Really curious about the English version of the song, but I just know that Maria won’t let us down. (Denise)

The Negative: There’s a lot of drama packed into this song, as it builds from a quiet beginning to an epic chorus. María is has a powerful voice, but the song is lacking catchiness. I could do without the interpretive dance on stage, but I like María’s little tribute to Loreen and Sandy Shaw by performing barefoot. (Robyn)


2. Sunday with Fjaðrir (7.39)

The Positive: This song is so psychedelic. When I saw it for the first time, I was sitting like a zombie staring at the screen. And I liked it. This song is original and their performance was very interesting. I would love to see it in Vienna. (Mikhail)

The Negative: It’s a bit, erm, wonky. It’s like off-putting on purpose, and I don’t like it one bit. SUNDAY would be a strange choice in Vienna, and I hope Iceland doesn’t go through with it. (Sopon)


3. Cadem with Fyrir Alla (6.6)

The Positive: I can’t wait to hear the song in English! This is an absolute banger of a dance song and I’m dancing already, y’all! Even if his voice isn’t the best, he knows how to deliver a good performance and the song is so damn catchy – All the best! (Patrick)

The Negative: It’s like Icelandic Alcazar, but the song isn’t that catchy. He sounds fine, but the performance is quite boring. I think and I really hope it doesn’t have a chance of winning the Icelandic selection. (Sami)


4. Elín Sif with Í Kvöld (6.29)

The Positive: It’s a good song, but it really survives on the charisma of Elín. She’s super cute and has really adorable charm when she performs. If she were a less interesting performer, it would fall flat. All up, it’s a good package. (Robyn)

The Negative: This one is quite boring. The chorus is fine, but the verses put me to sleep. She has a sweet voice though. (Sami)


5. Haukur Heiðar with Milljón Augnablik (6.14)

The Positive: The piano in this is very stirring. Bold move to keep it in Icelandic too and I think it is actually all to the benefit of the song. (Angus)

The Negative: Strong voice, weak song. It’s not going anywhere except the trash pile for me. (Sopon)


6. Friðrik Dór with Í Síðasta Skipti (5.35)

The Positive: I was rooting for this originally, but that has faded a little. I do like this song though, but I’d rather see the other two acts reach Vienna. But I don’t dare to underestimate Friðrik, since he has an idol status here, and incredibly devoted fans. The song is a basic power ballad, and a very good one as such. But not the right song in my opinion. (Kristin)

The Negative: Ugh this is just dated. The kind of bop-ballad you’d have heard in the 60s or 70s. I am all for retro-charm but this isn’t retro. It’s a relic. (Angus)


7. Björn & Félagar with Piltur Og Stúlka (4.71)

The Positive: I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here, but I like it. Two extras from Mad Men and their gothic sister-wives singing a bold, cheesy song that sounds like a bank ad jingle from the 1980s? This is why Iceland is awesome. (Robyn)

The Negative: Did I fall through a wormhole and land in 2011? This is like exactly the same song and I don’t appreciate laziness. (Angus)


Who do you think should win for Iceland? Post in the comments section below!


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8 years ago

Sunday’s song is very abstract, I like it.

8 years ago

I like Maria’s song a lot, but sunday would be fine as well, camden on nr 3. anything else would suck

8 years ago

Iceland kinda got stuck in 2003 …. Almost nothing sounds fresh

ESPECIALLY the readers favorite song … So JESC and dated ….. The only decent one with a better stage performance and an English translation would be Sunday’s Fjaðrir ……

But no idea how will their selection go, hopefully against these dated songs that actually make Eurovision be a laughing stock for serious artists 🙂

8 years ago

If we want something typical Icelandic, it will be Sunday. And I want it. Maria has song like many other singers there, why we should need her?