Thirty-second snippets for the second semi-final of Melodifestivalen have only been out since Thursday, but our readers have still managed to cast 830 votes for their favourite in our poll for deltävling 2. If our readers have it right then #melfest debutante Mariette and #mello veteran Linus Svenning will advance direkt till final.

Magnus Carlsson, the most experienced of this year’s contestants, looks destined for Andra Chansen. He’ll travel there with heartthrobs Sami & Victor.

Emelie Irewald, Neverstore, and Marie Bergman & Sanne (not Nielsen) Salomonsen look set to go home.

Do you agree with these results, which are based on 30-second clips? Do you think they are still accurate after the release of the full songs earlier today?

Poll results: #melfest semi-final 2

  1. “Don’t Stop Believing” – Mariette: 301 votes, 36.27%
  2. “Forever Starts Today” – Linus Svenning: 236 votes, 28.43%
  3. “Möt mig i Gamla Stan” – Magnus Carlsson: 100 votes, 12.05%
  4. “Groupie” – Samir & Victor: 65 votes, 7.83%
  5. “Där och då med dig” – Emelie Irewald: 47 votes, 5.66%
  6. “If I Was God For One Day” – Neverstore: 42 votes, 5.06%
  7. “Nonetheless” – Marie Bergman & Sanne Salomonsen: 39 votes, 4.7%

Second semi-final 2 preview


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Mario Vision of Gay Love # Beautiful Gay Butterfly!
Mario Vision of Gay Love # Beautiful Gay Butterfly!
8 years ago

@ Well both of them just DID actually….They got the first 2 tickets straight directly 4 the Friends Arena Finalen..
I think that Mariette must have voted truly as the winner of Malmo’s semifinal..

8 years ago

According to SVT’s own online poll, it’s very close between, Magnus, Mariette, S&V and Linus….the others far behind. This one’s too close to call!

8 years ago

Most wiwibloggs polls have been wrong, so safe to assume at least one of the two poll winners here won’t advance. Im basing my judgement on previous wiwi poll results which the winner was incorrect, such as the Albania, Cyprus and Denmark polls.