In recent weeks Armenia has been revealing the members of its supergroup, Genealogy, one by one. Hype has been building that Athena Manoukian, who is currently living in Sydney, will be a member of Genealogy — and represent the Australian dot on the Genealogy map. She’s got the voice, the look and the fan base to appeal to Eurovision fans, so it’s only natural we were all hoping she’d take part. However, this morning the pop starlet confirmed to wiwibloggs that she will not sing for Armenia in Vienna.

Officially I won’t be participating in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, but being of Armenian genealogy I am going to support my artistic peers in this special event. This is an important year for Armenia and I wish to all the participants to connect love and peace from all over the world.

We first speculated about her participation when Athena teased us with a Facebook post in late January.

She’s known for hits such as “XO”, which was released last fall. Don’t you love it?

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About Genealogy

Earlier in February, AMPTV revealed that Genealogy will unite various members of the Armenian Diaspora. Five of the acts will come from abroad — and more specifically Asia, Africa, Australia, Europe and North America — while a sixth will represent the Motherland Armenia. This is represented visually through a forget-me-not flower, which marks the centenary of the Armenian Genocide. Its five petals represent five of members of the Armenian Diaspora, while the centre represents the artist in Armenia.

The following map teases the artists’ current location, and led us to speculate that Essai, Inga Arshakyan, Tamar Kaprelian, Vahe Tilbian, Stephanie Topalian and Athena make up the group. Today we know at least one of our predictions was wrong.

Genealogy 1


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6 years ago

Malta won’t make the top 10, what are you talking about?

6 years ago

what a arrogant Diva.

Malta to Win with Warrior from the beautiful and A-Ma-Zing Amber Bondin. the next Beyonce