Tonight A Dal 2015 — the Melodifestivalen of Eastern Europe — comes to an end with its final. You can watch it live tonight from 20:25 on this link. If our readers have their way, then you’ll be able to watch Kati Wolf ooo and ahh her way to victory with “Ne engedj el”. The Eurovision veteran won our poll with 29% of all votes. As she told us yesterday ahead of rehearsals, she has nothing to lose, so is feeling loose and confidant.

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Just behind her in second place is Boggie. The “Wars for Nothing” singer has earned tens of thousands of new fans in recent weeks, and she is a huge threat to Kati’s chances.  You can hear her talk about her performance here.

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Tonight all of the acts will sing. Then the jury will select its Top 4 acts. After that, the public will vote and we will have our winner.

What do you think of the results? Who will make the Top 4? Let us know in the comments box below!

Poll results: A Dal 2015

1. Kati Wolf – “Ne engedj el” 274 votes, 29.27%
2. Boggie – “Wars for Nothing” 190 votes, 20.3%
3. Iv – “Fire” 131 votes, 14%
4. Passed – “Mesmerize” 105 votes, 11.22%
5. Adam Szabo – “Give Me Your Love” 94 votes, 10.04%
6. Spoon – “Keep Marching On” 58 votes, 6.2%
7. Balint Gajer – “That’s How It Goes” 53 votes, 5.66%
8. Zoltan Mujahid – “Beside You” 31 votes, 3.31%

A Dal 2015 preview

You can follow all of our Hungary Eurovision news here.

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Wiwi readers voted again. Three female singers on TOP 3. Eurovision by wiwi readers:
1st country – female singer with dance song
2nd country – female singer with slow song with powerfull chorus
3rd country – female singer with dance song
4th country – female singer with slow song with powerfull chorus
…. till 40th country.

Viewers in Europe: 58


Nice to see Judit! 🙂


I hope Kati wins


Please send Kati! Boggie is great but her song is a bit boring and her chances of qualifying for the final are smaller than Kati’s. I really want Hungary to win Eurovision in the coming years because they deserve it.

Antranig Shokayan

There are a few glam songs but Kati above all <3