Slovak pop princess Kristina has traded in her friends from the forest for a slinky gold dress and a movie set, with the release of her new single “No. 1“. The song features as part of the soundtrack to the new Czech comedy film “Život je život” (Life is Life), in which Kristina also has a role.

As such, the music video also features several clips from the movie as you’d expect. Filmed in Prague alongside the film, “No. 1” shows Kristina singing alongside a band and catching the attention of a man at a bar – before she leaves with someone else.

Who can blame them for staring though, y’all, as Kristina is looking HOT in this video! That may be in part down to the work she was putting in on Tanec snov, the Slovakian version on Dancing with the Stars. Kristina recently finished second in the show’s first series and she balanced her training for the show alongside filming the music video and work on the feature film. That sounds exhausting just writing about it – it’s pretty clear though that Kristina is certainly a girl with many talents.

The song itself is good, but nothing spectacular. It has a nice throwback feel to it though and Kristina really gets in to the “role” required of the song – she’s very much like a Slovakian Caro Emerald. She also seems much more confident in her voice than she did in her Eurovision days, which infamously let her down in Oslo.

What do you think of “No. 1”? Are you liking this new side to Kristina and, if Slovakia were to return to Eurovision, would you want to see her back? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter, Facebook or any of our social media outlets!

Photo: courtesy of Kristina.

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9 years ago

I’m sorry, but I want to correct you. “Tanec snov” wasn’t same with “Dancing with the Stars”, ’cause that show was about charity at first, that was charity dancing show, not a typical dancing show.
And yeah, I like Kristína so much, I’m a creator of a little fan page of her on VK.
She will make a great film debut.

9 years ago

Really cool song! Love Kristina since Horehronie (it was a shame not being qualified to the final in 2010) It would be great if Slovakia could be back with Kristina again….