Eesti Laul — Estonia’s national selection for Eurovision — is going big in 2016. This year producers will stage the show in Saku Suurhall, the Eurovision 2002 venue which has a capacity of 5,000. Estonian Eurovision royalty Stig Rästa and Tanja have composed songs (for Jüri Pootsmann and the La La Ladies, respecitvely), and fan favorites Greta Paia and Laura will be among those throwing it down during the semi finals on 13 and 20 February, and potentially the final of 5 March. Tickets go on sale tomorrow 10 November at 10:11. Yes, that’s 10:11 on 10/11. Eesti Laul is growing, but it’ll never lose its quirkiness.

You can purchase your Eesti Laul tickets here

Last year the team from wiwibloggs hit up a dozen national selections and we have to tell you: Eesti Laul was among the best. Estonians are totally welcoming, it isn’t insanely expensive (hey Sweden!), and the music slays. (You can check out some of our behind-the-scenes rehearsal coverage and some of our Eesti Laul interviews if you’re curious). With that in mind, here are 10 reasons you should save up your euros and head East this February and March.

10 Reasons to buy Eesti Laul 2016 tickets

1. So many of your favourite Eurovision acts are Estonian

eesti laul 2016 gif eurovision

2. This year you can watch them sweat

The Eesti Laul 2016 green room will be built into the stage, so everyone in the audience can see their favourite artists kiss and cry and hug it out

elina born eesti laul 2015

3. Party like an Estonian?

OGAE Estonia will organise afterparties — and potentially other meet and greets — so you can get to know your fellow Eesti lovers. Judging from Tanja, you’ll want to stretch before doing any dancing! Click here if you have questions.

Estonia tanja dance eesti laul

4. You may bump into Tanja’s yummy dancer. Just sayin’…

5. You may meet the next big Eurovision star in the hallway

The lovely Elina sends a message to her fans on @wiwibloggs #eestilaul #eurovision

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6. And you may corner one of them outside the bathroom…

7. Speaking of which, you’ll want to see Elina & Stig reprise this on stage

8. Estonia has its divas: Look at how Elisa Kolk sashays away from us

Adorable Elisa Kolk says hello and then sashays away #eestilaul #eurovision

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9. Did you see Tanja’s kickass show opener last year?

10. Estonians are open and warm and speak amazing English

See you there?

Follow all of our Estonia Eurovision news here

Photos: Renee Altrov

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5 years ago

Estonia’s probably my favourite country to visit. I love it there and would love to visit again. Not a big fan of live concerts though, so I’ll be watching Eesti Laul from home.

5 years ago

Yeees! You are all very welcome here in Estonia 🙂 Main head of Eesti laul said that firstly comes 5000 tickets. They don’t know how many people like to come. If 5000 tickets will be sold out they will add more. Last venue was way smaller. Saku Suurhall is very easy to find.

5 years ago

So I assume Wiwibloggs will be there this year as well? 🙂

5 years ago

Note: Saku Suurhall can take up to 10000 people for concerts. For the ESC 2002 it was configured for 8500, I think.