Tere Estonia! The team from wiwibloggs is live inside the Nordea Konsterdimaja watching the dress rehearsal of Eesti Laul 2015. We’ll be sounding off on the 10 finalist’s performances to get you in the mood for tonight’s show. Will Elina & Stig live up to the bookies’ expectations and slay tonight in Tallinn before winning Eurovision? Let’s find out…

Eesti Laul 2015: On the scene

A few minutes ago we popped into the green room, which is actually blue…

This is the #eestilaul green room, which is actually blue. #eurovision

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We just had to snap this pic of Elina Born & Stig Rästa’s seat. They are quickly becoming Eesti Laul royalty, so perhaps we should call it a throne? http://youtu.be/69f7SK4I8Ok

We are inside the #estonia #eestilaul press room. It’s @elinastig’s seat! #eurovision A photo posted by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on

And then we climbed the stairs leading to the concert hall and guess what? There is a MASSIVE poster of Stig Rästa! It says, “My top points go to Europark for supporting culture.” The fact that his face is inside the entrance suggests they are supporting him too!

Ah, the green room is now full! The press room is connected to the green room, and we just saw Stig Rästa pop to the toilet.

The #eestilaul green room is filling up! Just saw Stig pop to the loo

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While we were standing in the hall we spotted a familiar face conducting interviews. It’s none other than Pirat from Vanilla Ninja (Switzerland, Eurovision 2005). She’s now an investigative journalist and super nice.

Do you remember Piret from Vanilla Ninja (#eurovision 2005)? She’s a newscaster and at #eestilaul tonight! A video posted by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on

Opening act

Tanja, Estonia’s Eurovision 2015 singer, throws down a fierce remix of her song “Amazing.” It’s darker and more R&B and she’s has cranked up the bass — and pumped up her booty! White tassels all over the place and pink sneakers. She’s left her dancer from Copenhagen at home and replaced him with a Mr Saxobeat character dressed in white denim. We’re still annoyed this didn’t make the final. This is a developing story. Click on an artist’s song to read our review. Click on their name for an interview. 

1. Luisa Värk “Minu päike”

Take your allergy pills! Luisa is giving us outdoor, summer realness. She sits in a swing surrounded by flowers and emits some major happy vibes. A great opening for a feel-good show.

#eestilaul finalist Luisa says hey! #eurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on

2. Maia Vahtramäe “Üle vesihalli taeva”

Maia stands in the middle of a lot of smoke — let’s hope she doesn’t inhale. The song has a mysterious quality to it and showcases the beauty of the Estonian language. She is also giving major face! You were made for the stage, dahling! The song is a bit too sleepy for my taste — not a criticism, just a fact — and I don’t think it’d make much of an impact in Vienna.

3. Elina Born & Stig Rästa “Goodbye to Yesterday”

This is monochrome magic! Classy, atmospheric and far and away the most compelling act in this year’s Eesti Laul (and, potentially, Eurovision 2015). Stig’s vocals were on point, so much so that we almost thought it was playback (it wasn’t). Then came Elina’s big reveal. She expresses a lot with her eyes, at times seeming broken, at other times seeming downright crazy. His sultry vocals and her delicate voice are the perfect combination and their chemistry seems so real. Show me the hype and I’ll give you 1,000 euros — I am totally buying it, y’all!

  The lovely Elina sends a message to her fans on @wiwibloggs #eestilaul #eurovision   A video posted by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on

4. Kali Briis Band “Idiot”

Are they punking us? This would struggle to make it to the final of most high school talent shows. The styling is loose and casual — Superman t-shirt, shoes with lights. Unfortunately it reflects a major lack of polish, not merely a carefree spirit. #needstogo

Kali Bris band says hello! #eestilaul #eurovision A video posted by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on

5. Robin Juhkental & The Big Bangers “Troubles”


6. Daniel Levi “Burning Lights”

Daniel had the best crowd interaction of the night. He’s very telegenic, works his angles, and even crowd surfs. Talk about hands-on! This song is growing in our estimation and will, no doubt, make the super final. It stands out not only for its mainstream rock sound, but also for Daniel’s charisma.

  #eestilaul finalist Daniel Levi says hello to his #eurovision fans   A video posted by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on

7. Elisa Kolk “Superlove”


Adorable Elisa Kolk says hello and then sashays away #eestilaul #eurovision

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8 years ago

I think it will be between Daniel Levi and Stig&Elina, both songs are great and Daniels really cute, but if Estonia want any chance of doing well theyll send Goodbye to Yesterday

8 years ago

If I was an Estonian I would vote for “Unriddle Me”. It’s such a great rock and roll song, yes it doesn’t have that pop-ish Eurovision vibe but I love the musical quality they are bringing here. But I doubt they will win after all this hype of “Goodbye To Yesterday”. I think “Goodbye To Yesterday” is a good song but it’s a bit overrated. That song has a lot of fans though, and I still cross my fingers for “Unriddle Me”

8 years ago

Estonia have good chance to win Eurovision, only if Norway don t choose Monster like me, if Norway choose that song, Estonia and Norway vote wili be split by juries and televoters and if that happen Italy wili be clear favorite to win, if Australia send masterpiece of music. Finland is strong on betting odds but betting odds predict they wili sent to Eurovision Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät , but I think that Pertti don t get many votes at Eurovision like in their home country at their national selectiion, they at Euroviison if they go, get so simphaty votes from… Read more »